"Why, if I was at the Dialogue, or saw the Simulcast, should I go to the Premiere?"

March 17, 2015 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


There are many people, especially in NY, who were at the Dialogue--and thousands more who have seen all or part of it on line in a Simulcast version. So why come to the Premiere if you already saw it?

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Because this dialogue digs deep—it is about a real revolution, it engages one of the most important questions confronting humanity today, and it is so profoundly different than anything people have heard…that each time it is experienced there are new layers to learn from. More, the film takes you up close so you experience the deep engagement between Cornel West and Bob Avakian in a new way. 

People who were at the Dialogue or saw the Simulcast are an important audience who can play a vital role in getting the word out and bringing their friends and colleagues to the film's debut.  Seeing the film trailer brings people back to their first experience watching the dialogue and it gives them a powerful tool to reach out to their friends and community to join them at the Premieres.

Reaching Back to Bring Forward More People

As we mainly reach out to new forces, we should also reach back to those who came out on November 15 along with those who have since watched the Simulcast. Being at the premiere screenings will be an empowering collective experience for everyone--a cohering of community and commitment – essential to forging a people who are struggling together for a radically different and better world.

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