Who Is Alex Jones and Infowars.com?

September 26, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


When Joey Johnson and another of the RNC 16 were arrested for burning the flag outside the Republican National Convention on July 20, they were charged with aggravated arson, aggravated disorderly conduct, inciting violence, failure to disperse, and resisting arrest. These two are now only charged with misdemeanor assault against these two "victims." Who are these two “victims”?

Well, sometime after the RNC 16 were assaulted and arrested by the police, apparently two people showed up and claimed they were “victims” of an assault and got burned by the flag that Joey had torched. These are the same two who, on the night of July 20, appeared in a YouTube video titled “2016 Republican National Convention—Joe Biggs Burned By Commies At Flag Burning.” In the video, the two people claiming they were the “victims” identify themselves as reporters for Infowars, a right-wing Trump-supporting website, bragging and braying that they assaulted Joey Johnson, including punching, kicking, and tearing off Joey’s shirt. So here you have these two operatives of a pro-Trump outfit admitting that they set out to attack Joey Johnson with the explicit intent of preventing him from burning the flag, which is all illegal on their part. Knowing this, the prosecutors brought charges not against these reactionaries but against the revolutionaries involved in what is supposed to be legally protected speech and who were themselves assaulted by these fascistic operatives!

Alex Jones has a radio show and website (infowars.com) and is widely described as a “right- wing conspiracy theorist.” Just an example of the many conspiracy claims he makes is that the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre was “staged” and no one was killed.

Where was Alex Jones during the Republican National Convention? He had “special guest” credentials to attend the RNC and praised Trump’s acceptance speech. Trump appeared on Jones’ radio show in December 2015 and praised Jones for his “amazing” reputation, promising him that “I will not let you down.” Jones has also had Roger Stone, a close Trump adviser, on his show numerous times. Stone formed a pro-Trump activist group called “Stop the Steal” going into the RNC to ensure Trump’s nomination.

So here you have Alex Jones, an operative for the Trump campaign, on the night of July 20 interviewing two other Trump operatives who admitted they assaulted Joey Johnson—yet they are named by the prosecution as the “victims” that Joey Johnson and the other RNC defendant are charged with assaulting! Yes, there is a conspiracy—the conspiracy of the powers that be to try to assault and attack the mighty mighty revcoms on July 20 in an attempt to criminalize the constitutionally protected political act of flag burning and those who declared “America Was NEVER Great! We Need to Overthrow, Not Vote For, This System!”


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