Harrisburg, PA

Austin, TX

Protest at the Massachusetts statehouse.

Protesters confront the Electoral College in Salt Lake City

"The Whole World Is Watching"
Electoral College Protests: Harrisburg… Austin… Salt Lake City…and Beyond

December 19, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Passionate and angry protests broke out around the country as the Electoral College voted. There were protests of dozens in some cities, hundreds in others, at state capitols from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Austin, to Salt Lake City. People came out with a wide range of views but sharing a defiant rejection of Donald Trump,

A coalition of political groups from around the Pennsylvania gathered for 24 hours outside the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg to call on electors to reject Trump. As the vote for Trump was announced, a woman in the gallery yelled “You just gave us Adolf Hitler.” Her message made it onto CNN, to the visible chagrin of the news anchor. Another woman told a newscaster, “I've never (protested) before. These are dire times." At the same time, a dozen immigrants’ rights protesters were arrested at a nearby detention center.  

In Madison, Wisconsin, protesters in the gallery chanted “Shame! Shame!” when the Electoral College voted. Outside the Texas State Capitol in Austin protesters rallied and marched chanting “Defend our democracy.” Dozens protested at the Alabama State Capitol with signs “Not My President” and “Reject Trump.” In Salt Lake City, protesters shouted “treason,” “shame on you” and “the whole world is watching.” After the Electoral College vote was announced, someone shouted “Seig Heil!”


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