Christmas Day Die-in at Trump Star on Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles

December 26, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

The event was a “DIE IN” AT THE TRUMP STAR ON HOLLYWOOD BLVD. ON CHRISTMAS DAY! Thousands of people from all around the world go to movies and otherwise visit Hollywood Blvd. on this day, and this Christmas was no different. Hollywood Blvd. was packed... and “NO! In The Name Of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept A Fascist America! Trump-Pence Fascism MUST BE STOPPED Before It Starts” were the watchwords. During this week Donald Trump again escalated his nuclear threats—following up his genocidal tweet about expanding the U.S.’s nuclear arsenal with the following, “Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.” This is threatening mass murder on an industrial scale.

At the Hollywood Blvd. “Die In”—begun by a small handful of people setting out to lead millions into the streets in these next weeks—quite a commotion was caused. Hundreds grabbed up new posters and statements put out by, posed with the posters at the Trump star and tweeted them out, and gave the finger to Trump by way of selfies. Whole families danced defiantly on his star, young people and older folks too.

There were many Latin American immigrants on the street. They quickly grabbed up posters, sharpening up the importance of reaching Latino immigrants in their millions in the days and weeks in front of us. A number of people voiced they’d hoped the Electoral College would not have elected Trump. Some said it if it’s not over, “it is very late in the game” (while we argued there is, in reality, a huge challenge and an actual basis to stop Trump-Pence). And others said they’d been looking for a vehicle and a plan to stop Trump. Some said, “We are not from here...”—hesitating for a moment and holding back from holding the posters—but then realized, through short discussion, that the future of the people on the planet is at stake, and Trump’s nuclear weapons plans underscore that.

Photographers from Agence France Presse and a news truck from Channel 11 Fox captured images. At 3 pm, a die-in was held, a serious punctuation point during the event. Handheld sirens wailed, confronting people with the grave danger Trump and fascist team, especially with their nuclear war threats, represent to the people of the world.

At the Trump star on Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, December 25At the Trump star on Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, December 25. Photo: Twitter/Nikolai Garcia


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