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New Year’s Eve—a Festival of NO!

For Immediate Release December 27, 2016 
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Contact: Larry Everest 917-553-8972 / 917-407-1286

Demonstrate to STOP the Trump / Pence Regime Before It Starts, New York City and EVERYWHERE!

NYC: meet @ 8:00 pm, Columbus Statue at Columbus Circle

Organizers are calling for a "Festival of NO!" across the country this New Year's eve.

"This New Year's Eve, be where the world needs you most...In the Streets saying #NoFascist2017!" initiator Carl Dix declares.

Protests are already scheduled in Atlanta, Boston, SF Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles and other cites. CLICK HERE for beginning list and protest details.

Organizers write, "Bring drums, pots and pans, noise-makers, candles, glow-sticks, posters that say 'NO!' and everyone you know. Join thousands in cities and towns across this country, ringing in the new year in determination to STOP the fascist Trump/Pence regime BEFORE it comes to power."

"No 'pussy-grabbing'... No immigrant-bashing... No Muslim registry... No Wall... No White Supremacy... No Neo-Nazis... No gay-bashing... No climate-change-denying... NO TRUMP... NO PENCE... NO FASCIST USA!"

"Wherever you are New Year's Eve, take a pic with the word 'NO!' and post it here. If your city doesn't have a protest yet, start your own!"

These protests are part of a newly launched movement to rally millions to stop Trump/Pence before the January 20 inauguration through massive political protest and resistance. for Initiators, Call to Action, Plan to STOP Trump / Pence,
and to watch Dec. 19 Emergency Organizing Meeting
@RefuseFascism Facebook: RefuseFascism #NoFascist2017




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