All Hate Is NOT Equal

January 6, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a reader:

When Donald Trump took out a full page ad in the New York Times calling for the death penalty in the case of the Central Park 5—five Black and Brown teenagers (in the case involving the brutal beating and rape of a female jogger)—even before they were convicted, this was fomenting hate. And when he has continued up to this day to call for their imprisonment—even after they were exonerated, even after they spent over 10 years in adult prisons, even after a serial rapist confessed to and was proven to have committed this crime—and now that same Trump is president-elect—that is hatred with power behind it. That is an expression, a celebration, of the oppression of whole peoples this system has demonized and treated as pariah groups since day one. A hate and celebration that continues and is about to be juiced up—that is, put on steroids—with the Trump-Pence fascist regime. Again: hatred with state power behind it.

When Trump calls immigrants from Mexico—people who are forced to leave their loved ones because this capitalist imperialist system has fucked up their countries even more than it has fucked up this one here—when Trump calls them "rapists, murderers, and drug dealers," this too is a concentration and celebration of oppression, and incitement to hate.

When Steve Bannon—Trump’s Strategic Adviser—publishes articles calling on his listeners and readers to proudly hold high the Confederate flag of slavery—when he gives a platform for white supremacy—this is a call for and celebration of hate, of oppression, that reaches millions.

When the police over and over, again and again, murder Black and Latino people—for raising their hands, or not raising their hands—for making eye contact—for running away—for throwing rocks—for having a toy gun—when those same police are rarely if ever arrested for it—this begins to tell us the cold-blooded truth—that this oppressive shit is deeply baked into the crust and toppings that make up this system—and that these pigs are enforcers of all of it—all of its injustices.

No one can compare the white supremacy, the oppression of whole peoples—Black, Latino, Native American, which go to the very roots of the U.S. empire—with the “hate” four Black youth in Chicago are accused of inflicting on a mentally disabled white youth.

What these youth are accused of doing is wrong. It is anger that is misdirected. Directed to the wrong place.

It goes against the revolution that is needed to do away with the oppression these youth are responding to. Lashing out, taking revenge, is the system’s way. To get rid of this oppression you got to go to the roots of it—the base—BAsics—the leadership of Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party—and fight it in the way it can really be eliminated—that is, by becoming part of the revolution to emancipate all humanity. 

This hatred—white supremacy—has always had power behind it in America, it has always been the dominant ideology of this country. Right now, it is that hatred that is about to come into power, putting the power of the state behind it on a whole deeper level. This must be stopped, NOW.



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