Chicago: Fury and Defiance at Pence Appearance

December 30, 2016 | Revolution Newspaper |


Chicago, December 30--protest against Pence
December 30, 2016. In downtown Chicago today, 150-200 protesters hurled fury and defiance against the whole Trump-Pence fascist regime. Pence’s $2,700 a plate speech was the first attempt by the fascists to show their faces since Trump’s Chicago rally last March was shut down by protesters and cancelled. High school students, reproductive rights organizers, LGBTQ activists, Christian activists, and revolutionary communists stepped up to the mic outside the Chicago Club, speaking with great passion to call on people to stop fascism. The call was read from for people to become organizers of organizers so that millions come to DC to stop Trump-Pence from taking power. ANSWER coalition put out their call for shutting down DC on January 20. Musician Ted Sirota called for artists and musicians to unleash their creativity and inspire more people to join the resistance. Throughout the protest people cheered when the Festival of NO! on New Years Eve at Trump Tower was announced. People felt the urgency of the moment, and a group of high school students enthusiastically talked about how people get empowered when they see others take action. People took several thousand flyers in bundles with the Refuse Fascism call to distribute more broadly. (Photo: Special to



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