The Revolution Club in Chicago Says:


January 5, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


On January 3 Trump tweeted “Chicago murder rate is record setting - 4,331 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. If Mayor can’t do it he must ask for Federal help!”


Trump and his “feds” coming to Chicago because of the murders here will only make things 100 times worse. Trump is clearly NOT talking about reopening schools, bringing meaningful jobs into the city, overcoming homelessness, funding and developing cultural programs, redoing health care and child-raising support systems top to bottom.

NO. Trump is talking about more killer pigs who already act like an occupying army in our communities. Pigs who repeatedly murder and almost never face charges. The police have already murdered two unarmed people in the first four days of 2017. Trump is talking about massive racial profiling through massive stop-and-frisk. He is talking about MORE jails. And he is talking about flooding the city with federal agents to spy on and repress people who actually try to mobilize masses to go up against this. Along with this, will be the unleashing of the vile racist “blue lives matter” thugs we already saw in Mt Greenwood. NO! NO! NO!

To the youth caught up in murderous rounds of revenge and retaliation we quote from our call:

Stop Killing Each Other. Come Together—Truce—To Stop the Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts!

[T]oo many of our loved ones have lost their lives to senseless and unnecessary violence. This violence and destruction is promoted and encouraged by the forces who really run this shit. In other words they would like nothing more than for us to continue to kill and destroy ourselves. We are being played over and over again!

Now is the time to stop being played. An openly racist, woman hating, and fascist Trump regime is about to come into power in less than a month. Yes, it’s true, no president prior gave a damn about a Black or Brown life. But it’s also true that sh*t is going to get a whole lot worse if we allow Trump to take hold—a whole worse world of hurt and pain for people we hold near and dear and for people all over the planet.

Let’s be about real courage, real daring, real risk and real meaning and come together and take on THESE fascists in massive defiant struggle..... Join the fight to Stop The Trump/Pence Regime Before It Starts!

We are not talking about just defending the way things already are, or being satisfied with some reforms, because the way things are is a horror—we are talking about getting into making revolution against the whole system... and it is time right now to say NO! to Trump—to fight to prevent his fascist regime from ruling over people.


Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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