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January 5, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


It is UNCONSCIONABLE for people like Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer and union head Rich Trumka to be talking about how to work with Trump on legislation for jobs and protectionist trade legislation.

This would be tantamount to Italian unions working with Mussolini to make the trains run on time—and who cares where they’re going and what they’re doing. Worse: this would be tantamount to working with Hitler on his vast public works project (from sports arenas to the “autobahn” [highway system]) while ignoring the thrust of his program. Indeed, all too many people in Germany went along with Hitler because “he improved the economy.”

Some basic points to Bernie Sanders and the rest: Trump and Pence are FASCISTS. You don’t throw the whole rest of the world into the flames of hell, you don’t train people (further) in looking at the workers of the world as their competition and enemy, you don’t cave into the white chauvinism and American chauvinism dripping from the whole Trump “jobs” thing and his “Make America Great” poison by figuring out “how we can work with him.” And you don’t cover that up by once in a while making some weak-ass whimper of protest as people are persecuted and civil rights eviscerated and then turn around once again to talk with real passion about working with Trump to pass public works programs. “How we can work with him where we agree?!?!?” Again, this is “how do we work with Hitler where we agree.”

This is not just morally disgusting, this is POLITICALLY DANGEROUS, a pied piper stunt to draw the people who supported Sanders away from real opposition and resistance and into conciliation and, yes, collaboration!



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