Shaun King Writes:

“We’re Not Opposing Donald Trump With The Unified Fierceness He Deserves”

January 2, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


An important piece titled “We’re Not Opposing Donald Trump With The Unified Fierceness He Deserves,in today’s New York Daily News, by activist and columnist Shaun King begins:

“A man who some believe to be a pretty terrible human being is scheduled to become our next President in less than three weeks. I won't make yet another rundown of all of the awful things he has said and done. I've done that a dozen times. Pretty much every reputable news outlet in the country has covered Trump's lies, deceit, failed commitments, his unethical business dealings, and his personal admissions on mistreating and sexually assaulting women.”

Shaun King makes other very important points in his piece, and concludes:

“South Korea should be our role model. For months on end, in fierce opposition to corruption with their President, millions of people filled the streets in protest. At first, what it would accomplish was not clear, but the people knew that corruption necessitates opposition. As the opposition grew and grew and grew, it gripped the nation and eventually broke the back of the administration, causing the ouster of their President.

Trump deserves this type of opposition. It will not grow from the establishment, but from the will and energy of the people. If Donald Trump is going to be opposed, it's going to come from the people and it must start now.”

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