Reality Check:
Cracks and Fissures in the Power Structure—And the Need to Flood the Streets of D.C.

January 11, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



Trump is illegitimate and a fascist, and because of everything that means he and his henchmen must be prevented from ruling.  THAT is why millions must take to the streets to actually make that urgent need a reality.

The controversy over Trump’s alleged ties to Russia is extremely volatile, and intense differences over how to deal with Russia is one big reason why some forces at the top of the power structure are unhappy with Trump.  Allegations are being made which have put Trump on the defensive; right now these are being used by powerful rival forces to influence Trump, to hem him in, and to undermine his ability to carry out parts of his program.   Right now, these allegations are being used in a conflict over how Trump should rule, not whether he should rule.  Left to itself, nothing good will come of this struggle which, after all, is over how best to “project power” (that is, to unjustly dominate whole sections of the world). 

However: IF people do answer the call and flood the streets of DC, beginning 4 o’clock this Saturday afternoon, January 14, and IF this flood grows and is not stopped, then those conflicts at the top may not be able to be contained within the framework of “a seamless transition” and jockeying for position within that, and could form part of “the mix” that could actually prevent this regime from taking power.  So: keep our eyes on the prize, keep fighting around the essential reasons why these fascists must not rule, don’t become a cheering section for one or another section of rulers… but DO remain aware of the cracks and fissures in the power structure that could be turned to favorable advantage.



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