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The following is the text of an invite to a January 19 event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

Social Emergency Forum:

In the name of humanity, refuse to accept a fascist America
A call to action for Academics and Intellectuals
Part of a National Month of Resistance


We are living in extraordinary times. 

What we are seeing is every bit as terrifying as we rightly feared. We cannot underestimate the harm that the Trump/Pence regime represents to this country and the world.  Our Anguish is right and just. Our Anger must now become massive resistance in our millions before Donald Trump is inaugurated and before he has the full reins of power in his hands.

We cannot sit back. We must take the offensive NOW!

Our only recourse now is to act together outside normal channels. Every faction within the established power structure must be forced to respond to what we do - creating a situation where the Trump/Pence regime is prevented from ruling. We call on each and everyone who opposes what this regime stands for, and what it will do, to take part in and actively build this resistance and refusal.

These challenges open possibilities.  

The vast majority of people are profoundly discontent. There is a huge reservoir of humanity asking big questions.

  • Why is there a fascist momentum and direction to the Trump/Pence regime?
  • How can we transform outrage into action for a brighter future?
  • Why must the opposition come from the will, energy, and vision of the people and not the establishment?
  • How does the academic community mobilize itself as part of this resistance and refusal?

Join this teach-in to discuss these questions and plan our actions moving forward.

Speakers Include:
Nancy Gertner, retired federal judge and Professor of Law, Harvard University
Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Carr Center for Human Rights, Harvard University
Jonathan Walton, Professor, Harvard Divinity School, Minister, Memorial Church
Lucas Stancyzk,  Postdoctoral Fellow, Watson Institute, Brown University                        


Thursday, January 19th, 2017, 6:30 – 9:00 PM
MIT Media Lab E14 6th Floor, Cambridge, MA


contact: refusefascismboston@gmail.com, refusefascism.org  #NoFascistUSA

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