NO! In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America!

February 3, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | received the following from

In the face of the dizzying pace of the fascist pronouncements and acts of the Trump/Pence regime, people all over—in likely and unlikely places—are looking for answers, looking for ways to resist, especially in ways which are part of strengthening and growing a larger community of defiance.   One key way to do this is for millions to take up and spread the slogan: “No! In the Name of Humanity—We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!” This slogan stretches its arms wide to the people of the world, correctly captures the stakes for the future in all its dimensions, and puts before people clearly what must be fiercely opposed.  

Download the NO! poster and other materials at  Pull your friends together. Discuss the two essential points on—this is fascism and must be defeated, and there are millions who can be potentially mobilized to do that.  Talk about the slogan In the Name of Humanity We Refuse to Accept a Fascist America, and make plans to spread it everywhere. Take it out in the midst of all the other ways you are resisting.  Organize outings to get the poster up in store windows up and down the streets of your community and on your local college campus.  Take posters with this slogan to the next demonstration.  Wear stickers with this slogan everywhere you go—to the gym, to the movies, to the opera (people have done it and gotten a really positive response).  Be sure to have a stack in your pocket to give to all who are interested.  (And get a donation!)   You will come up with many other creative ideas to have a powerful impact. 

Getting the unique message, mission and all of the materials of out broadly is critical right now.  This requires a lot of funds and raising funds can be a very dynamic way of bringing a lot of people into this movement.  Donate generously yourself.  When you bring friends together to discuss these points, have everyone chip in and donate together.  Hold a fundraiser—bake-sale, mass email, potluck dinner, or some other kind of fundraiser.  Giving money to is one of the most meaningful ways to strengthen the fight to stop this fascist regime from carrying out its catastrophic plans for humanity.

Finally, talk to people who like the slogan, find out why they like it and enlist them in spreading it. Go back to the stores who have posted it in their window and find out what the response has been. Then report back to with all of this plus your questions and suggestions. And send pictures.  All of this will give much needed backing and strength to people broadly for what is to come.



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