New Threats and Demands in the Trump Regime’s War on Truth

January 30, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


In just nine days, the Trump regime has pumped out lie after lie. Trump demonizes all Muslims, devoid of evidence. He promotes the most outrageous lies about the cause and nature of the global refugee crisis. Trump dehumanizes Black people and Mexicans. He insists, against all facts, that the turnout for his inauguration was under-reported. He claimed, and when challenged insisted—without any basis—that “millions” of people voted against him illegally. This is not just a series of lies, this is a war on truth. And in the past few days, top people in the Trump regime and Trump himself have moved to enforce that war on truth.

In a statement that unapologetically upheld lying, Trump’s key advisor, Kellyanne Conway, defended Trump’s lie about millions of illegal voters as “alternative facts.” When her quote made it into newscasts, Conway demanded—on Fox News channel—that networks “get rid of” reporters who simply reported what she said. She ranted: “Who is cleaning house? Which one is going to be the first network to get rid of these people, the people who think things were just not true?” And, “I’m too polite to mention their names, but they know who they are, and they are all wondering who will be the first to go. The election was three months ago. None of them have been let go.”

This followed Trump saying he was in a “running war” with the media. It followed demands by Trump’s top advisor, Steve Bannon, that the mainstream media should “keep its mouth shut.” And after Conway’s demands, on January 29, Trump himself tweeted that someone “should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!”

These moves by the Trump regime are in line with the Nazi propaganda machine under Hitler. The Nazis used iron-fisted control over the media, including silencing voices of radical resistance, as well as mainstream media that questioned some of Hitler’s lies and actions.

The Nazis established an atmosphere of terror to silence critical thinking. All to cover up, or justify, the historic crimes they were committing against humanity. Not this time! This is a regime that must be stopped.


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