Off-duty Pig in Anaheim, CA assaults 13-year-old youth and fires shot

The Crime: Walking Across His Lawn

February 23, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


From members of the Revolution Club, Los Angeles

On Wednesday night members of the Revolution Club L.A along with Refuse Fascism went out to Anaheim where hundreds of protesters were out in the streets protesting the outrageous incident that took place the day before where an off-duty LAPD pig got into an altercation with a group of teenagers for apparently being in his front lawn. A video that was posted on Facebook shows the off-duty pig brutally assaulting and pulling a 13-year-old by the collar of his sweater. You hear the teenager repeatedly telling the pig to let him go. The friends of the teenager defended him and tried to free their friend but the pig wouldn't let go of his grip. He then pulls out a gun and fired off a round.

We got to Anaheim and the cops had already arrested some people and had other protestors kettled in. Reports about the protest say that 24 people were arrested. Up the block were people hanging out on the corner and watching, residents of the area, families with their kids and teenagers. We went over to talk with them.

A lot of people were showing each other the videos that were going "viral" of this assault on the 13-year-old and the terror from this off duty cop shooting off his gun. People were explaining to each other and piecing together what had happened. Everyone agreed that this brutality should not have happened to this teenager. We had brought copies of the Call to Action from Refuse Fascism and got those out to everyone. 

A high school student who was a friend of the 13-year-old said what happened to her friend should not have happened. She talked about the racism that Latinos get from white people and the police. She said there needed to be some change. She asked about the Call to Action and agreed that the Trump/Pence regime needed to be driven out of power and took a stack of flyers and stickers to get to her high school the next day. We told her to organize other students and to bring the "NO!" into the conversations and controversy over this incident with the 13-year-old.

A woman that was standing there asked what was the flyer about so we got into it, we walked through what it said in the Call to Action and she agreed Trump and his regime are fascists and that something must be done about it, she was challenged to take this up and become an organizer in her area. She said she saw the need for people to take this up because she can't imagine 2 years or even 4 years of Trump in power. She left with stacks of flyers and left her contact info. 

Others there spoke out about the need to stay in the streets to put a stop to the violence and harassment by the police in Anaheim. One woman challenged people with "papers" to stand up and get in the streets for all those that don't have "papers", who aren't recognized as people, and having to live in the shadows in this country. She said, "there are generations of us in this country who have no reason to stay at home and not fight for a better future." These people made a plan on the spot to reach out to other community members with Refuse Fascism's Call to Action to Drive Out the Trump/Pence regime. They made plans to pass them out to students at a nearby high school and planned on reaching out to students who attend the middle school of the 13-year-old.



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