Son of Muhammad Ali Detained by Immigration Officials for Being a Muslim

February 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Muhammad Ali Jr., 44-year-old son of boxing champion Muhammad Ali, was held and questioned for two hours by immigration officials at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on February 7. He was asked repeatedly, “Where did you get your name from?” and “Are you a Muslim?”

Muhammad Ali Jr. was returning from a Black History Month event in Jamaica with his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali, the second wife of the boxing legend. She too was questioned about her name and her religion. She was only released when she showed them a photo of herself alongside her late husband. But her son had no such photo. His lawyer told the Courier-Union newspaper that when Ali confirmed that he was a Muslim, the immigration agents began questioning him about where he was born. Ali was born in Philadelphia and is a U.S. citizen. The lawyer said that this is the first time this has happened to Ali and his mother, though they regularly travel internationally.

A mountain of lying bullshit has been spewed out by the Trump/Pence regime for the last month, denying that Trump’s executive order banning travel into the U.S. by people from seven Muslim-majority countries was aimed at stopping Muslims specifically. But the people at the core of this regime have made clear they see people of the Muslim religion as a whole as the “enemy,” or at least should be suspected as such, and a “threat” to the “American way of life.” If anyone had any doubt, look at how even well-regarded U.S. citizens who are Muslims are now being considered potentially dangerous and a threat in America under the Trump/Pence regime.


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