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We Have NO Common Cause with Trump to Attack Syria—We’re on the Side of Humanity!

April 6, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | received this letter from an outraged reader—we urge other followers to correspond also.

I woke up this morning feeling the horrendous mess this world is in, seeing the images of people, children, murdered in Syria. The reports say it was a poison gas attack. Whether it was or not, it infuriated me to see this.

But then the day got even worse. Hillary Clinton called on America’s own Hitler to... can you guess?... bomb Syria some more! And the media like the New York Times and CNN were discussing the possibility of Trump launching an attack as if he were a “normal” president. Syria is one of those parts of the world caught in the cross-hairs of mind-numbing conflict between global imperialist gangsters and dark-ages theocrats—and now the liberal press and Democrats tell us all that we have common cause with the fascist America of Trump. They tell us that our interests are, after all, “American interests.” The same America that is the main reason this world is the disaster it is.

It is most infuriating that humanity is in such extreme peril, right now, because reptilian thugs and gangsters have the reins of power, and the other thugs and gangsters of the ruling class of this country are not capable, or willing, to stop this. And instead they today want to have us think of fascism as normal, supposedly because “Assad is worse.”

Really? Just weeks ago, on March16, a Trump-ordered U.S. airstrike obliterated a newly built mosque in Al-Jineh, Syria, during evening prayers, killing at least 46 people. The next day, March 17, more than 200 civilians were killed in a series of U.S. bombings of Mosul, Iraq. As I write this, CNN is reporting U.S. missiles launched against Syria tonight. Trump said during his campaign that he would “bomb the hell out of” people in the Middle East.

The Islamic jihadists who oppose the U.S. are an absolute nightmare. Assad and brutal rulers like him are a nightmare, as are Russia and other powers that back him. But to argue that siding with the U.S., and especially the fascist Trump/Pence regime, to deal with this is, to put it politely, absolutely disgusting. To argue that there is any common ground with fascism is to “normalize” and help with the roundups and assaults on immigrants, women, “other” religions and sexualities, the ghettoizing and clampdown on Black people, the devastation of the environment, and the clampdown and complete overturning of “rule of law” and any ability to fight for positive change in the face of all this.

The problems this system has in its plunder of the world are not our problems. Let’s get the world free of this.

And right now, let’s drive this fascist Trump/Pence regime from power before it is too late!





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