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April 27, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



The Revolution Club Says:

If you know how oppression feels: are you going to go along with targeting our immigrant brothers and sisters? Or are you going to join together with them to build a movement to tear this system down?


To Black people who say immigrants are taking away your opportunities to get ahead: Stop falling for that bullshit! This system has always gotten one people it oppresses to fight against other people it oppresses, while it sucks the blood of people all over the world.

Trump is rounding up immigrants, calling them dangerous criminals - ICE immigration police are raiding houses and workplaces and dragging people away in handcuffs, children are watching their parents snatched away. Even young children are being put in detention center prisons, sometimes in solitary confinement. People are being deported, sent to countries they risked everything to escape from, in some cases sent to certain death at the hands of gangs or government forces. Some people say, “Now they know how it feels to be Black.” Well if you know how this feels, why the fuck would you want anybody else to go through this? And if you know how this feels: are you going to go along with targeting these brothers and sisters? Or are you going to join together with them to build a movement to tear this system down?

We need a revolution. We need to overthrow this blood-sucking capitalist-imperialist system that forces people to come here and be subjected to all this in the first place. This country that ripped people from Africa, killing, enslaving, torturing, and raping them for hundreds of years to build up America’s wealth – is the same country that waged war on Mexico, stole half of its land, and now dominates Mexico’s farms, forcing peasants to work to produce food for the U.S., no longer able to grow food to feed their own families. It is the same country that is supplying the bombs raining down on Arab people in Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East now facing mass starvation. And the same country that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Koreans in the 1950s and threatens war on North Korea today with the possibility of nuclear destruction of all humanity.

Humanity can get to a world without borders and nations, without one nation or one people oppressing another. The Revolution Club is getting organized for an actual revolution to bring that world into being, and we have the science, strategy and leadership in Bob Avakian to lead millions with a real chance to win. This revolution needs you. Get with Bob Avakian, the leader of the revolution. Join the Revolution Club. On May 1st march with the Revolution Club in the protest for immigrant rights.


Contact Revolution Club in Chicago…Phone 312-804-9121…email: Facebook:

1857 E 71st St., Hours 3p – 7p everyday but Monday




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