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Revolution Summer! Chicago Fund

April 28, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |





Your donation is needed right now to support the work being done this summer in Chicago by the Chicago Revolution Club, out-of-town volunteers, and Carl Dix. The Club is taking out the leadership and the science people need to get free to the people who are currently shooting and murdering each other. The Club is on the front lines, fighting relentlessly to get the youth to stop the insanity and get into the revolution. This situation is more acute than ever as the Trump/Pence regime sets its fascist sights on Chicago.

Everyone with a heart agonizes over this situation. But here is a way for you to actually do something—make a donation that can actually make a difference—because this project is not about putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound.

$20,000 is needed immediately to support this project:

  • living costs for volunteers
  • costs of the organizing center on the South Side & opening one on the West Side
  • costs of materials, subsidizing books and t-shirts
  • legal costs for arrests that have already begun

Several times this amount will be needed over the next few months as this project expands. 


The violent oppression of Black people has been deeply embedded in every aspect of this country for hundreds of years. Due to the workings of the system, now millions of Black people in the inner cities have become expendable in the eyes of this system. The political leadership of this system—Democrat and Republican—has responded with a sharp-edged program of repression. That program’s blade: vicious police brutality and mass incarceration and a legal system that lets killer cops off over and over.

Trump’s program for inner-city Chicago will take this to another level and serve as a model for his nationwide plan: The unleashing of police terror. Prisons and jails swollen with more Black and Latino youths. The gutting of public education, funneling youth into Christian fundamentalist schools that turn the lights out on critical thinking. The enlistment of some in enforcing submission to Trump's fascist America, maybe a place in the army or Border Patrol. The Trump/Pence plan is not to make America safe. Their aim is to extinguish the resistance of Black people against their oppression as a people once and for allChicago is ground zero. This cannot be allowed to go down.

The Revolution Club lives by the six Points of Attention. It is where youth and others get organized to fight the power today to STOP the horrors of the system, and to transform the people, FOR REVOLUTION. The Revolution Club is where everyone can learn about Bob Avakian, the leadership, the strategy for making and winning a revolution. How to apply the science of communism to solve the challenges of emancipating all of humanity.

The Revolution Club has gotten the statement “From the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party to ALL People: “What the Trump/Pence Regime Will Mean for Black People—and What Must Be Done about It NOW!” out to thousands of people on the south and west sides of Chicago. This statement calls out Trump’s stone cold racist plan. 

When 7 people were shot to death in 12 hours in South Shore, literally blocks from the Revolution Club organizing center, the Revolution Club was out there with Carl Dix’s statement “Get out of this insanity and get into the revolution.” They constantly struggle with the ideas that are pervasive, like, “this is a lost generation.” The Revolution Club replies, “To the youth who are caught up in the violence—you are NOT ‘too far gone,’ but you need to get into this revolution or you will be.

As Trump threatens catastrophic war on North Korea, the Revolution Club fans out to the high schools with big military ROTC programs. They bring a challenge from Carl Dix to debate his position that oppressed people should not fight for their oppressors, but fight to overthrow this system instead. When a teenager was gang raped, the Revolution Club put up posters around her school and neighborhood with “Women are Not Bitches, Ho’s, Incubators, Punching Bags, Sex Objects, or Breeders! WOMEN ARE FULL HUMAN BEINGS.” The Revolution Club was there in the March for Science.

They are bold, they are challenging, and they are fighting for different morals and values all in the service of a revolution to emancipate not only Black people but all of humanity.







Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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