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Stand Against the Fascist Onslaught of Trump and Pence and the Collaborationist Mexican Government

May 3, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


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We cannot let ourselves get used to or remain silent regarding the aggressions of the new government in Washington. This regime is trying to impose fascism: a qualitatively more brutal, repressive and belligerent way of governing, in order to reinforce the same criminal capitalist-imperialist system and domination of the United States in the world. They blatantly whip up racist hatred against Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks, Latinos, native peoples, and other peoples “of color.” They promote misogyny and the subjugation of women by men, and they vilify LGBTT people. They incite violent assaults on people from all these sections of the oppressed, and they act from the state level to subjugate, expel, imprison, or murder them. They hunt down, deport or imprison immigrants, separating families and creating terror in their communities. They fire their missiles at Syria, not because the death of children pains them (on the contrary: Trump praised the killing of children in Yemen by the U.S. in February), but to intimidate their rivals and minions, in order to strengthen their power in the world. They threaten with their nuclear arsenal, attack science and try to replace objective truth with falsehoods that sow gloom and stupidity in society. This regime represents a big danger to humanity, and to stop it will take a torrent of struggle in Mexico and around the world.

The Fascist Regime Attacks Mexico

They defame Mexicans, calling us “drug traffickers, rapists, and murderers,” demonizing a whole people as “guilty” of the horrors that their own system has created. At the same time, they try to impose a more direct and tougher control of U.S. imperialism over Mexico. If this regime is not driven from power, it will carry out its threats of massive deportations and detentions, open terror against immigrants, the wall, and a sort of “war zones” on the northern and southern borders of Mexico, more military and political interference, and greater exploitation, looting and destruction of Mexico by U.S. capital.

As the loyal servants of capitalism-imperialism that they are, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Luis Videgaray Caso [Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations], and his whole government conciliate and collaborate with this fascist regime, without protesting the criminalization of Mexicans, the aggressions against Mexico, much less the crimes of the United States in others parts of the world. Peña Nieto insists that they are forging “a positive bond” with the Trump regime. They say they support the deportees while in reality they are just giving some of them a sandwich and maybe a ticket to get somewhere—where for the vast majority of them, there will be no way to make a living. According to media reports, the collaboration of Videgaray (appointed Secretary of Foreign Relations because he is “friend” of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law) even went to the extreme of helping to draft Trump’s speech when presenting the anti-immigrant “executive order” on January 25! Then, he acts like he’s “defending Mexico’s sovereignty” because he advised John Kelly (U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security) to stop commenting on the Mexican presidential elections. This same John Kelly threatened to take the children away from their mothers if they cross the border. Is this Peña Nieto’s “positive bond”? According to Kelly, “Mexico has been a good ally of the United States on the immigration issue.” He is referring to the fact that Mexican forces hunt down and deport Central American migrants, doing the U.S.’s dirty work on a larger scale since the Obama administration.

Get Out Trump. Get Out Enrique Peña Nieto. “Get Out Trump. Get Out Enrique Peña Nieto.”

The same capitalist-imperialist system, with the United States in the lead, has forced millions of people around the world to emigrate, fleeing from the misery, violence and destruction caused by this system’s wars for empire and its “investments” that rob the peasants of their lands, destroy the environment, distort the economy, and don’t let large sections of people live in Mexico, Central America, and many other oppressed countries. These scourges facilitate the rise of drug trafficking, and the Mexican state and the U.S. state (with the DEA, the CIA, the police, etc.) collude with the cartels, while murdering, disappearing and imprisoning innocent people in the name of “combating organized crime.” In addition to forcibly expelling people from their countries of origin, the system depends on the work of immigrants who arrive in the United States (and who do not die trying to do so). These immigrants do the most backbreaking work for minuscule wages providing the system bigger profits and competitive advantages in the world. The U.S. also benefits from the work of scientists, doctors, technicians, artists, researchers, and others who emigrate because the United States has a concentration of greater resources and opportunities to work in the spheres where they have studied, due to the wealth extracted from its “empire.”

To imperialism and to the fascist regime that demonizes the migrants, we say: YOU ARE THE BIGGEST CRIMINALS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY. You have massacred millions of people in your constant wars for empire and have brutally exploited and condemned to misery billions of people around the world. In your own country, the United States, the police murder Black, Latino and immigrant youths and imprison them en masse in what is a form of slow genocide, which now threatens to accelerate. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE YOUR RACIST ATTACKS ON IMMIGRANTS AND OPPRESSED PEOPLES IN THE U.S. OR YOUR AGGRESSIONS AGAINST THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD!

The Trump/Pence regime is trying to impose fascism, which represents the same capitalist-imperialist system, but with a drastic change in the way of governing and in the “norms” or “values” that govern society. As the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, states,

Fascism is the exercise of blatant dictatorship by the bourgeois (capitalist-imperialist) class, ruling through reliance on open terror and violence, trampling on what are supposed to be civil and legal rights, wielding the power of the state, and mobilizing organized groups of fanatical thugs, to commit atrocities against masses of people, particularly groups of people identified as “enemies,” “undesirables,” or “dangers to society.” (

White Supremacy—Cornerstone of American Fascism

This fascist regime is trying to reaffirm and strengthen white supremacy (a founding principle of the United States) in the face of the weakening of the traditional fabric of society due to immigration, the intensification of the oppression of Blacks, Latinos and others, increased resistance in recent years by Black people, among other problems for the ruling class. The fascists want a “white country.” With massive deportations and open terror, they are trying to reduce the number of immigrants and people of “color” and subjugate them more. They mobilize their social base around white supremacy, and then impose it violently on society in general. Its racist and xenophobic harangues include the statement by a Republican in the House of Representatives, and Trump supporter, that: “We cannot rebuild our civilization with the babies of others”; and the racist and xenophobic harangues of Trump and Jeff Sessions (the Attorney General) that they are deporting drug traffickers and “criminal gangsters,” the “garbage that has turned U.S. cities and suburbs into war zones.” That’s how genocidal murderers talk. That’s how Hitler criminalized the Jews, before locking them up and then exterminating them.

Mein Trump: a thoroughly fascist American pig

They actually deport working people like Guadalupe García Rayos. She was detained inside the ICE offices in Phoenix, Arizona, while reporting in as she had routinely been doing for six years. Suddenly, after living 22 years in the U.S., Guadalupe was deported to Mexico, suddenly and violently separated from her two children, both U.S. citizens, despite the fact that hundreds of people rushed to try to prevent her deportation. Or people like Daniel Ramírez Medina, a Mexican youth who was detained and is in danger of being deported, despite having the temporary “deferred deportation” permission (“Dreamers”). When Daniel showed the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents his permit, they replied, “That makes no difference. You weren’t born in this country.” Then they accused him of being a “gang member” for having a run-of-the-mill tattoo.

Or look at the case of Félix Torres, a Mexican and legal permanent resident for 30 years. On March 27 at 6:20 in the morning, he opened the door to his home in Chicago, upon hearing an uproar outside. He was immediately shot by ICE agents and hospitalized in critical condition. Officers broke into his house, pointed guns at his children and grandchildren, and forcefully threw them all out, despite being born in the U.S. Their “legal” status did not protect them from ICE terror. With raids like this, this fascist regime is sending a message: “We are going to terrorize and hunt down immigrants, and anyone who looks like an immigrant. It makes no difference whether you haven’t committed any serious crime; it doesn’t make any difference whether you have papers or some temporary legal permit; it doesn’t make a difference even when you are a citizen. It doesn’t make any difference how much you have worked, how honest you are, nor that your children love you and need you. We can arrest you, we can deport you, or we can kill you in cold blood.”

“United States First” —Aggression Against the World to Shore Up Its Empire

“United States First” is the leading-edge slogan of this fascist regime. Far from being “isolationist,” it augurs more aggression and coercion against other countries and peoples with the goal of remaking relations and strengthening its power in the world. They threaten to use extreme measures to achieve this, faced with the big problems that they are facing. Which problems? The U.S. is bogged down in wars for empire in much of the world, locked in bloody contention with the also reactionary Islamic jihadism. In addition, it faces the challenges of the economic and military rise of China and the rivalry with imperialist powers like Russia and some European countries. ( Aggressions and increased political and military interference in Mexico are happening in this broader context.

“He is not my president.” “He is not my president.”

Building the Wall (and “Make Mexico Pay For It!”) became a cry that resonated in Trump’s campaign, stirring up anti-Mexican xenophobia. With their typical lies, in Trump’s and his secretaries’ rants, they claim “enemies,” “criminals” and “terrorists” are pouring across the southern U.S. border. This border is actually one of the most fortified and guarded borders in the world, but the fascist regime is preparing to make its wall of ignominy longer, higher and presumably more impassable, along with deploying five thousand more agents from the border patrol and more surveillance and repression equipment. In addition to serving as a racist assault (and insult) against Mexicans, the wall is part of “securing the border” in the face of the danger of increased migration and other problems for controlling it, which will increase due to the reactionary wars and much more ravages that will be caused by their system with the extreme measures that this regime intends to take. They also reinforce and militarize their southern border against possible massive migrations of victims of upheavals caused by global warming, which disproportionately affects oppressed countries, and at the same time these fascists deny that global warming exists and implement policies that accelerate it.

The “secret” meeting of the commanders of the Northern Command and the Southern Command of the U.S. armed forces with anonymous Mexican authorities in Tapachula, Chiapas, in February this year underlines that U.S. imperialism’s “interests” extend far beyond its own border. Furthermore, the threat by Trump (denied by the U.S. federal government but corroborated by anonymous sources from both countries), to send U.S. military forces to Mexico if the Mexican armed forces do not control the “bad hombres” of organized crime, is a sign of potential greater direct intervention.

They also want more exploitation and economic control of Mexico. For example, by insisting on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Trump has made it very clear that the U.S. demands greater advantages for exploiting, trade with and controlling Mexico. The Treaty’s 22 years have greatly increased economic and political domination by imperialism, the ruin of the countryside, the uprooting of indigenous communities, the accelerated destruction of the environment, greater wage inequality, millions more in poverty, millions forced to emigrate to the U.S., and millions deported when they can no longer exploit them profitably.

But of course, Peña Nieto’s lackey government is “optimistic” about NAFTA. As head of the Mexican state, Peña Nieto represents the interests of the ruling classes: the big Mexican capitalists and landowners, and the imperialists. The Mexican state is an accomplice of U.S. imperialism and the fascist regime: it maintains economic and financial relations for imperialist exploitation and domination and exerts brutal repression over the Mexican people. It is also complicit in repressing and deporting Central American migrants, and in defending U.S. interests in the world—for example, now they are promoting in the OAS [Organization of American States] attempts to overthrow the Nicolás Maduro government in Venezuela, which is a nuisance to the U.S.


Stop the Fascist Trump/Pence Regime and Prepare the Revolution

We cannot stand idly by as they try to impose fascism in the United States and advance their plans for monstrous crimes against people around the world. They tell us, “Just worry about yourself and about your people,” in order to divide and conquer: we must look out for everyone and fight together against fascism. From the level of state power, they have tried to fool the people, proclaiming that Trump would not be a candidate, that he would not win, and now that he is not going to implement the fascist program that he has been proclaiming. These are lies and we cannot wait to protest until they have made further advances in drowning the voices of protest and opposition. To think or pretend that this fascist regime is only “over there” [i.e., in the United States] and “will not affect us” [i.e., the people in Mexico] would mean closing your eyes to the real world: the capitalist-imperialist system governs the whole world and respects no borders; the U.S. is the most powerful imperialist power, Mexico is its “backyard” and has been dominated by the U.S. for a century. Even before the imperialist era, the U.S. stole half of Mexican territory in 1848.

Image of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife, waving the U.S. flag. “LONG LIVE MEXICO.” Image of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife, waving the U.S. flag.

There will only be fundamental change for the people by breaking this domination. A communist revolution is necessary that overthrows the Mexican state, confiscates the property of the ruling classes, pulls Mexico out of the world capitalist-imperialist system, and takes the socialist road, uprooting the oppression of women, of indigenous peoples and of Afro-Mexicans, leaving behind all the unnecessary suffering inflicted by this system, and supporting this revolution in other countries, with the final goal of emancipating all humanity.*

As an indispensable part of preparing this revolution, of preparing the people, the terrain and building the communist revolutionary party that is needed to lead it, we need to mobilize broad sections of the people against the attacks of the Trump/Pence regime and join the struggle in the U.S. and the world to drive out this regime, before it is consolidated and imposes fascism. The fascists are in power, but they have not yet been able to fully implement their plan. It makes a big difference to the masses of people of the world if they are prevented from achieving this, because of the atrocities this entails and because, if they succeed, it will become much more difficult to advance in the revolutionary struggle for the emancipation of humanity.

A torrent of struggle from below in the U.S., Mexico and the world, free of conciliating and collaborationist bourgeois politicians, can stop fascism in its tracks and expose the capitalist-imperialist system and the Mexican state defending it. It is not true that we cannot do anything: Imagine the impact, in Mexico, in the U.S. and in the world, if there were thousands in the streets in Mexico calling out fascism in the U.S. and the collaborationism of the Mexican government and making common cause with the struggle of our sisters and brothers on the other side of the border and all over the world!

We, the “enemies” demonized by Trump and his regime, we, who have no interest in maintaining this system of big inequalities and injustices, need to stand up and shout out to the world that, We will not conciliate, we will not collaborate, and we will not capitulate in the face of the attacks of the fascist regime in the U.S.! We will fight along with all the other “undesirables,” in the United States and throughout the world, to stop fascism and to drive this regime out of power, along with its collaborators, the criminal Mexican state.

Get Out Trump, Get Out Peña Nieto, Down With The Whole System!

Aurora Roja, Voice of the Organización Comunista Revolucionaria, México

*See La Revolución Liberadora, Orientación estratégica y programa básico [The Liberating Revolution, Strategic Orientation and Basic Program], available in Spanish at[regresa]



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