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Received from RefuseFascism.org

In the Name of Humanity – REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! Protest and Drown Out Anti-Muslim Hatred and Bigotry


June 10, Cities Across the Country

“Fascism has direction and momentum. Dissent is piece by piece criminalized. The truth is bludgeoned. Group after group is demonized and targeted along a trajectory that leads to real horrors. All of this has already begun under the Trump Regime. History has shown that fascism must be stopped before it becomes too late.

—from the RefuseFascism.org Call to Action

The Trump/Pence Regime has spearheaded and unleashed a rising tide of anti-Muslim/anti-immigrant hatred and bigotry, government persecution and violent vigilantism.  This is a key part of the direction and momentum of fascism they are moving fast to impose on America.

Twice, Trump banned Muslims from entering the country, then lashed out against the courts for blocking this unconstitutional measure.  He spread the vicious lie that he’d seen thousands of Muslims cheering for the 9/11 attack.  He has promoted a national Muslim registry and embraced shutting down Mosques. Whipped up and emboldened by all this, and outraged by obstacles and protest the Regime has encountered, the Trump/Pence hard-core base has increasingly taken their xenophobic hatred into the streets – harassing, threatening and even murdering those who appear to be Muslim and now killing two men in Portland, Oregon for standing up against them.

On June 10, fascists will rally in dozens of cities across the country.  They claim to oppose Sharia Law, but really they are against all Muslims.  They claim that Islam is a “political ideology,” not a religion – therefore, they insist that Muslims don’t deserve legal protection under the Constitutional right to Freedom of Religion.  They claim to stand for women and LGBTQ people against Islamic extremists, but this is hypocrisy used to prettify their anti-Muslim agenda.  Their lead organizer, Brigitte Gabriel, worked for years for the viciously woman-hating, anti-LGBTQ Christian fascist Pat Robertson, and their speakers list is packed with notorious misogynists.  Most dangerous of all: they are closely aligned with – and in many cases directly tied to – the fascist Trump/Pence Regime.

Brigitte Gabriel has bragged that her group “has a direct line to Donald Trump, and has played a fundamental role in shaping his views and suggested policies with respect to radical Islam.”  And, by promoting the false notion that these fascists are the besieged victims, they are creating a climate where fanatical Trump supporters feel emboldened to carry out violence and terror against Muslims and those who stand with them.

Some people say the stakes are too high to speak up.  The truth is the stakes are too high NOT to speak up and act. This is a moment in history where your grandchildren will look back and ask you, “What did you do when they came for Muslims?” On June 10, counter the xenophobic hatred and lies, defy intimidation, and drown it out with a sea of opposition declaring: NO! We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!  We must build up the strength to drive the whole fascist Trump/Pence Regime from power.  We must do this not just for ourselves, but in the name of humanity.

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