Trump Regime Withdraws from Paris Climate Accord

Criminal Irresponsibility and Aggression Must Be Defiantly Opposed

June 1, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


President Trump announced the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris climate accord on June 1.

To be clear: the accord itself is inadequate to deal with global climate change. Even if the goals of this accord were to be met, that would not actually prevent an environmental catastrophe that could bring the future existence of humanity, and many other species, into question. Further, there are no serious mechanisms to enforce those goals.  And the Trump/Pence regime is already gutting and casting aside regulations and constraints, even with this accord in place. (see here and here)

But that is not why Trump withdrew from the accord. In Trump’s view, and in the view of his most hard-core supporters, even recognizing that there is a problem of global climate change is unacceptable.

This withdrawal is like pouring gasoline on an already raging fire, further cementing the attacks he has made and paving the way for still worse ones. Words cannot capture the depths and dimensions of criminal irresponsibility and aggression that are involved in this act. Aggression both against those now suffering from the effects of global climate change (overwhelmingly concentrated in the oppressed nations of the global south) and against future generations.

This withdrawal from the Paris climate accord must be met with mass defiant actions, and with a determination to DRIVE THIS FASCIST REGIME OUT.


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