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Future People Open Mic: “There Are Fascists in the White House”

June 12, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


On June 1, the Revolution Club, Los Angeles, hosted our second “Future People Open Mic,” this time with the theme “There Are Fascists in the White House.” About 15 to 20 people came that night. We had a beautiful stage with lights and a lit up “NO!” in the back; along with the sunset right behind, it set the mood perfectly for a night of poetry, discussion, and kicking back.

The MC began the night by welcoming people; she introduced herself as a member of the Revolution Club and an organizer with Refuse Fascism. She started off by reading the Points of Attention for the Revolution and challenged people to themselves take up the Points of Attention. Then she talked about the need for a Radical REVOLT against this REVOLTING culture and kicked it off by reading from BAsics 2:8.

The night was full of poetry and art, all uplifting and going against this putrid culture. A Latino artist went up and shared a sketch he made while he listened to others perform their poetry. He passed around his sketch book and explained that it was art against Nazis and their bigotry. A Muslim woman performed a couple of poems she had written, including a powerful poem about the three heroes in Portland who stood up to defend the two young women on the train while they were being attacked by a white supremacist who took the life of two of the heroes. She also performed a poem of what it’s like to be a woman in the Muslim community and what you are told you are supposed to be like and act like.

Two teenage Latina girls said they came to just hang out and listen to poetry but saw that almost everyone had gone up and performed; they felt they should perform too, so they wrote a short poem on the spot and performed it together. It was about being kids from immigrants and living under a president who is attacking immigrants. A Revolution Club member read the poem “Children of Children” by Oscar Brown Jr. and afterwards talked about the importance of supporting the Revolution Summer in Chicago and called on people to donate.

The night was lively, and full of joy and creativity. After the poetry ended people hung out and ended up having discussions on a wide range of topics including on what is the real history of the communist revolution and the experience of previous socialist societies.



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