Outrage from Well-Known Voices on Philando Castile Verdict

June 19, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


On Friday, June 16, people spoke out immediately after hearing that the killer cop who murdered Philando Castile had been acquitted. Within minutes, angry responses from people flooded into various social media outlets. Thousands of people tweeted their outrage, including many well-known people in entertainment, the arts, sports, journalism, and other spheres. Here are some of those tweets:

Shaun King, columnist for New York Daily News and widely followed Twitter commentator

Fuck this system.

I say that as a man with a rich vocabulary.

This system is NOT broken. It is functioning as it was designed to function

Colin Kaepernick, NFL football player

Audra McDonald, actor

Horrified, angry and heartbroken over this but not at all surprised.

Wendell Pierce, actor

How long will they kill our brothers while we stand around and look?

The World Watched as Philando Castile was murdered in front of a child, live online. The Cop Found Not Guilty!

Kerry Washington, actor

Horrifying. HORRIFYING.

Jesse Williams, actor

Retweeted Black Lives Matter activist Samuel Sinyangwe:

1,155 people killed by police in 2016

13 cases where officer was charged

ZERO convicted to date.”

Jeffrey Wright, actor

Caesar killed in a play & you protest! Cop kills #PhilandoCastile w/ impunity in front of a 4-yr-old girl & dead silence.

Samira Wiley, actor

I cannot stop crying for you, Philando.

Uzo Aduba, actor

Truth lies somewhere here: until we value & speak for the lives of all people, we remain hinged to this chapter of history.

Lena Waithe, actor

Philando Castile's family deserves more than a trending hashtag. They deserve justice. No justice. But we peaceful.

Rosario Dawson, actor

Horrifying. In tears. I can’t even say be safe & “smart” because #PhilandoCastile was & so many are & still this.

DL Hughley, actor

Jeronimo Yanez the Minn Police officer who killed Philando Castile was found not guilty! The more things change the more they stay the same!

Gabrielle Union, actor

Gutted, angry... again #PhilandoCastile

Olivia Wilde, actor

I keep trying to put my outrage about the #PhilandoCastile verdict into words but I just feel sick. This has to stop.

Kumail Nanjiani, actor

This would be unthinkable if it wasn't so expected.

Angela Rye, attorney and political commentator on CNN and NPR

What is the meaning of freedom denied? Injustice.

Zendaya, actor, singer, dancer

The system continues to fail black people and will continue to fail you all...

Anika Noni Rose, actor

This country, my home, is breaking my fucking heart.

Evan Greer, musical artist

Traie Thoms, actor

No charges for the cop who killed a man who had a license to carry & told him so. He did everything right and still died.

Yvette Nichole Brown, actor and comedian

I. Still. Can't. Breathe. because #BlackLivesDONTMatter

His murder was FILMED. You SEE that Philando was NOT a threat to the officer, who shot into a car with a CHILD inside.

Matthew A. Cherry, film director

They shot Philando Castile on Facebook Live in front of his fiancé and her daughter & even that's not enough for a guilty verdict. I can't.

Charlie Carver, actor

No justice, no peace. Absolutely despicable.

Will Swenson, actor

Because why would a video proving the officer murdered Philando be enough evidence? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGG!!!

Megan Mullally, actor



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