The Naked Anti-Black Racism Running Rampant in This Country Must Be Answered... and DEFEATED

by Carl Dix

July 11, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |



  • Too many white people protesting the removal of monuments honoring Confederate soldiers, generals, and statesmen who fought to preserve the “southern way of life” of enslaving Black people!
  • Lynching nooses hung at museums, schools and other places all across the country!
  • Ku Klux Klan rallies and marches happening!
  • Cop after cop is acquitted of the murder of unarmed or unresisting Black people, and then demonstrators are shut down or violently arrested!
  • In Houston, a right-wing group encourages people to bring guns and Confederate flags to counter a Refuse Fascism demonstration called for July 15.

Add to this two hate-filled videos from the National Rifle Association (which should be called the Nazi Rifle Association) calling on its base to defend the fascist Trump/Pence regime. These videos go at a broad array of forces in society that oppose the moves this regime is making, and within that they sharply pinpoint the struggles of Black people.

A clear picture emerges: a racist movement is being called forth and prepared to act as shock troops for the hammering of a fascist reordering of society into place.

This is part of the overall assault the Trump/Pence regime is aiming at Black people, with their talk of taking the gloves off the police, reinstating the mandatory minimum sentences that led to so many Black people being warehoused in prison and more. The capitalist-imperialist system was already enforcing a slow genocide on Black people.  The rise of this openly racist movement, coupled with the other moves of the Trump/Pence regime, bring closer the transformation of that “slow genocide” into a fast one.

In short: we must take very seriously the specter of civil war that these fascists are in fact raising; a civil war that has a large component of lynch mobs, “race war,” and genocide in it. In response to this, everyone must say NO! NO to this fascist regime and NO to all the forces it has summoned from the sewers of American life, and join the movement to drive this regime from power. And we must get ready to defend people against attacks from the violent, genocidal and totally illegitimate minions of fascism.

Everybody must also seriously ask why, 150 years after the Civil War, are we still fighting the same oppression, in new forms?  Why are too many white people rallying to the call to join the fascist regime in intensifying that oppression? And what must be done to finally end this madness?  There are answers to these crucial questions, developed over decades by Bob Avakian, answers that can be found at  The times are too serious not to dig into those questions and those answers, as we defend ourselves against attack and move forward to drive this regime out.




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