Confederate-Flag-Waving Racists vs. People Acting in the Interests of Humanity:

Fascists Issue Armed Threats Against Houston July 15 “Trump/Pence Must Go” Protest

July 13, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


A Texas fascist group is calling on its followers to come out—armed and waving Confederate flags—to counter the July 15 “Trump and Pence Must Go!” protest in Houston. This fascist outfit calls itself the “This Is Texas Freedom Force” (TFF)—they should actually be called the “Texas Freedom Farce.” They say with a straight face that the Confederate flag of slavery “is not considered a racist flag”—these are the kinds of ugly forces who think that the wrong side won out in the Civil War.

These are the kinds of white-supremacist neo-Nazis who think that Black people, other people of color, and immigrants need to be “kept in their place,” with threats and actual use of violence. Who believe women’s “God-given” role is to bear children. Who shout “America First” and consider themselves soldiers in a Christian fascist “holy war” against their enemies. And who think that with Trump and Pence in the White House, that it’s finally “their time.”

This is the future, people, if the Trump/Pence regime wins out and consolidates its hold on power. To those who haven’t become part of the fight to drive out this regime: are you OK with that?

The TFF takes credit for joining with other fascist forces earlier this month to surround and intimidate an Austin, Texas protest that was demanding Trump’s impeachment. And they say they intend to do the same at the July 15 protest in Houston. The TFF says in their call for July 15, “Side arms are welcomed with LTC [license to carry] card, Open carry is welcomed as well.”

These claims of TFF to be about “freedom” may be facile—but the activation of these fascist ground forces is very serious. The recent National Rifle Association (NRA) “recruitment” video (followed by a couple of others, and including scenes of burning of American flags in political protests, and people holding the Refuse Fascism “NO!” posters) was straight-up intended to agitate backward fascist-minded white people to prepare for a new civil war.

People who are acting in the interests of humanity to drive out the Trump/Pence regime vs. Confederate-flag-waving racist fascists—there are two very clear roads laid out here. And there is no “sitting on the sidelines”.

Refuse Fascism, Houston has put out a call: “We cannot hand these forces the future they want. The worst thing we can do, for the people of Texas and the people of the world, is to stay home and avoid the conflict. We must gather peacefully, we must raise our demand that the Trump/Pence regime must go, and we must stand together strong... Come and be with us on July 15th. If not now, when?”



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