Instructions for Printing Refuse Fascism Seven Posters

July 11, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Instructions to print posters

Click here to download all seven posters.

To print 36x54 size PDFs:

Copy to a thumb drive.

Take to FedEx Office -- call first to see if they have a self service engineering print large size printer that has 36-inch wide plain paper media. Also ask if it prints in color.

Follow the instructions on the self-service machine. You insert the thumb drive into it yourself. If they are not busy, employees can assist you. The price is substantially cheaper than printing in color. The machines accept credit cards.

If your local FedEx doesn't have this machine, call around to Staples or Office Depot to see if they can print it for you. Will be a bit more expensive than FedEx but still a deal.

If the print shop’s machine only has a 30in width, the self-service machine can be set to size down the PDF or the folks behind the counter can do it for you.

Will need to be mounted on large foam board or heavy cardboard.

To print 40x60 size PDFs:

Take the thumb drive file to a commercial printer.

Or, for a less expensive approach, you can assemble a "tiled" 40x60 sign in color by putting together sixteen 11"x 17" pieces. Refuse Fascism national office can provide you with 7 tiled files, each of which has 16 pages. Write or call the office 917-407-1286.



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