RefuseFascismLA Responds to Fascist Threats: “We Will Not Back Down”

July 11, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |




On Monday, July 10th, Refuse Fascism LA held a press conference to announce the upcoming nationwide marches on July 15th. The conference was held at Trump’s sidewalk star on Hollywood Boulevard. As the speakers and supporters of Refuse Fascism and the July 15th demonstrations gathered together for the press conference, Trump’s Hollywood Blvd. star was covered over by picket signs against the regime. From the very beginning the growing intensity of the battle to oust the Trump/Pence Regime was clear as various Trump supporters shouted out their opposition and occasionally tried to clear the posters away from Trump’s star.

Michelle Xai of RefuseFascismLA and the Revolution Club LA called on people to take to the streets and demand that the Trump/Pence regime must go. Michelle went on to describe how pro-Trump forces in Texas and Los Angeles have called for counter demonstrations. In Texas they have called for their forces to come armed. In LA pro-Trump forces have declared that they will come and defend Trump’s Hollywood star. Michelle denounced these modern day KKK forces. She went on to state that while “these fascists are on the march, we will not be terrorized into silence. We will not back down. And I have a message for the Trump/Pence regime: your days in the White House are numbered.”

Isabel Cardenas, one of the initiators of, condemned the regime’s brutal assaults on and hunting down of immigrants and other vicious assaults and declared that this kind of thing is only done by an actual fascist regime. GrayWolf, the Director of the Southern California chapter of the American Indian Movement (AIM), spoke about many of the crimes the Trump/Pence regime has committed against the earth and went on to point out how dangerous Trump is: “This man is so dangerous he is going to ruin the world. That’s how serious it is. That’s why we need to start waking up, speaking out and standing up.” Josiah Gonzales of the California Freedom Coalition said that his group had decided to march in solidarity with the movement because “our primary objective as an organization is to inform people, the public, of their political rights.” He went on to emphasize that Donald Trump “was not elected president. He was imposed upon the Republic and the people.”  Alex Sanchez, a founding member of the Defend Movement said, “Not another day must pass by with Donald Trump and Pence in office. I’m here to say that this evil regime must go.”

Luna, a member of RefuseFascism LA and emcee of the press conference wrapped things up by saying, “if this message resonates with you then all of you should be out here on the 15th. If you are out of town then organize a march wherever you are." Luna called Michelle Xai back for some final comments.  Michelle emphasized that this must be a two-sided battle, that when the fascists step up to defend this regime and attack the anti Trump/Pence people, “we respond by bringing forward thousands of people to be here at Hollywood and Highland and to be at protests throughout the country… the thousands of people who hate what this regime stands for. Those are the people we are calling forward to be here on July 15th to stand with the people of the world, to stand for what is right.”



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