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When is the right time to follow your conscience?

July 12, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


This Saturday, July 15, we are calling on every Refuse Fascism supporter in Texas, all of you who rage against the actions of this regime, to converge on Houston to say in one unified voice, “In the name of humanity, Trump and Pence Must Go!”

Converge:  10 am, Sam Houston Park
1000 Bagby, at Lamar, Downtown Houston, 77002

Rally: 10:30 am, corner Sabine St. & Allen Pkwy

This week’s New Yorker magazine features an article about the current political scene in Texas being a harbinger of America’s future. “With right-wing zealots taking over the legislature even as the state’s demographics shift leftward, Texas has become the nation’s bellwether.” This article lays out in excruciating detail what we already know, that Texas is a key battleground where fascists, emboldened by the fascist-in-chief Donald Trump and his whole vicious cabinet, want to declare an all-out victory.

Yes, in Texas, there have been a slew of victories for their side, causing fear and upheaval among immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, and so many other targeted groups. And even in liberal Austin, armed right-wing vigilante groups consider it their duty to come out to protests and intimidate those who oppose their cruel and brutal vision. These Trump-supporting groups flanked the impeachment march in Austin and are keeping an eye on all protests in Texas as a way of freezing dissent. They have declared a victory over the impeachment march in Austin, and we should expect that they will be out in Houston on July 15 too.

We cannot hand these forces the future they want. The worst thing we can do, for the people of Texas and the people of the world, is to stay home and avoid the conflict. We must gather peacefully, we must raise our demand that the Trump-Pence regime must go, and we must stand together strong. There is a great joy in standing up for what’s right. This moment in history, when thousands across the country can set the example and inspire millions to step out and stop the consolidation of a fascist future, matters more than anything else right now. Come and be with us on July 15. If not now, when?




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