Dump Sexist Trump Protest at U.S. Women’s Open Golf Tournament

July 17, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


As Donald, Melania, and Eric Trump stood at the Clubhouse applauding the winner of the U.S. Women’s Open Golf Tournament at Trump National Golf Club in suburban New Jersey, four people from Ultra Violet, a women’s rights organization that combats sexism, standing at the finishing hole’s putting green, took off their outer shirts displaying a purple shirt with “USGA: Dump Sexist Trump.” (USGA is the U.S. Golf Association)

This protest was right in front of the Trump family and was an “in your face” confrontation of the fascist Trump/Pence Regime.

The Guardian reported that Melissa Byrne, one of the Ultra Violet protesters said, “We wanted to be able to look him in the eye… You could tell he saw us. He looked at us, and then somebody else looked and had this really annoyed look. Security gets concerned, so we made sure the president was safe in his box before we removed our shirts. He came over to the glass to wave to people, and he looked at us.”

Hope Singsen, of Ultra Violet said, “I like millions am a survivor of many instances of sexual harassment and sexual assault… And I’m here to express my disgust that the USGA is using women’s sport to elevate, legitimize and celebrate a sexual predator.”

Ultra Violet was also responsible for a plane flying over the golf course on Thursday with a banner reading: USGA: STAND WITH WOMEN, NOT TRUMP. They had planned to do this on the day Trump arrived but the FAA would not allow it.

Ultra Violet began organizing the protest nine months ago when Trump was shown making his “pussy grabbing” comments about women in a leaked Access Hollywood tape.

Other protests against the USGA holding the most prestigious women’s golfing event at a Trump golf course took place during the week of the event, but they were held offsite or outside the course. The four Ultra Violet protestors were the only ones to do this inside the gates and right in front of Trump.

Since the time that Trump was elected, the USGA had been barraged with protests demanding it remove the event from the Trump course, but it recently revealed that Trump had threatened to sue it if it did.

The Trump/Pence Regime poster on Women and LGBTQ states that Trump is, “An unrepentant sexual predator, Trump in office repeatedly tweets degrading, violently misogynist attacks on women—helping create a culture of sexual assault, crude degradation, objecti­cation and gross/open/celebrated disrespect towards women. Women are being threatened by men, even boys invoking Trump: 'With Trump, we can grab you by the pussy,' one group yelled at a woman in Virginia."

Women and LGBTQ People are full human beings, not objects to be grabbed, demeaned, victimized, and denied their fundamental right to control their reproduction, and how they choose to live. NO! We will not accept the cruel and brutal future of the Trump/Pence Regime… It must GO!


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