City Council votes to allow pepper spray against protestors

Refuse Fascism exposes Berkeley City Council Collaborating with Fascism in the Name of Free Speech

September 13, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Watch Sunsara Taylor and Rafael Kadaris of expose the Berkeley City Council Tuesday afternoon for collaborating with fascism in the name of free speech.  Amidst cries of “Shame,” the City Council outrageously voted to authorize Berkeley police to use pepper spray—a chemical weapon—against protesters for “crowd control,” despite a 1997 Berkeley law banning it.  Sunsara and Rafael called on people to join them at Thursday’s Speak Out: Against White Supremacy, Misogyny & Fascism, 6pm on Sproul Plaza in protest of fascist Ben Shapiro’s speech at UC Berkeley.   (Facebook event: events/131743294116559/?ti=icl )


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