Carl Dix, Refuse Fascism Confront Dallas Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones: “People need to take a knee against white supremacy and drive out this whole regime”

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Carl Dix confronts Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who said "Any player who doesn't stand for the anthem will not play." People need to take a stand against white supremacy and stand up against the entire Trump regime, and it begins November 4.

On Tuesday, October 17, as part of building for the November 4 protests to drive the fascist Trump/Pence regime from power, Carl Dix and Linda Solotaire of Refuse Fascism confronted Dallas Cowboys owner and Trump-supporter Jerry Jones before a National Football League (NFL) owners meeting in downtown Manhattan. “You want to treat players like 40 million dollar slaves, well-paid gladiators who beat each others’ brains out for your enjoyment and profit but have to keep their mouths shut when talking about injustice,” Dix told Jones, who was standing a few feet away. A week earlier Jones warned Dallas players if they didn’t stand for the national anthem they wouldn’t play. “Look at the videos of the police getting away with murder and tell me that the players are wrong to protest it and that they have no right do to that!” Dix said to Jones. “People need to take a knee against white supremacy and people need to stand up against you and your buddy Donald Trump and drive his whole regime out, and it begins November 4.” This protest struck a nerve—one Instagram video of the confrontation has been viewed over 500,000 times—and it was widely covered in the media, including The New York Times, The New York Post, and other publications. An article on The Root, drawn from a short online video, declared, “Jerry Jones had his Southern-fried ass handed to him by a lone protester as the Dallas Cowboys owner walked through what looked to be a hotel lobby.” Carl was interviewed in Al Jazeera and on sports-oriented BSO Live with Robert Littal. Carl’s article on The Huffington Post, “Why I Confronted Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones,” walks the reader through the confrontation and why organizing for November 4 is so crucial.


Standing up for taking a knee – calling for Nov 4 at the NFL owners meeting


From the NY Daily News coverage:

“Jerry Jones was confronted by two protesters for his national anthem stance Tuesday while on his way into the NFL fall owners meetings in a Battery Park City hotel.

“The Cowboys owner said nine days ago that any Dallas player who does not stand for the anthem will not play. He had previously locked arms and taken a knee with his team, before the anthem was played, after President Donald Trump called protesting players a “son of a b—h.”

“Carl Dix, an African-American man, and Linda Solotaire, a white woman, were in the Conrad New York lobby when they spotted Jones with his son Stephen and daughter Charlotte, both Cowboys executives. Dix and Solotaire represent a group called

“After confronting Jones, Dix spoke out against the Trump-Pence administration and announced his group is organizing a Nov. 4 event. According to a card they were handing out, ‘We will take to the streets across this country and stay there — day after day, night after night — not stopping until our demand is met: this Nightmare Must End! The Trump/Pence Regime must go! No! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a Fascist America.’…”

Everyone who sees the danger of the Trump/Pence regime and the complicity of those like Jerry Jones who carry out Trump’s white supremacist fascistic orders, needs to stand up and act now, recognizing that is OUR responsibility to drive the Trump/Pence Regime from power and ORGANIZE to bring people into the streets on NOV 4 and everyday after until the regime is gone.



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