How Much Damage Could Trump Do in Three More Years?

Pig-losi Essentially Says Trump Must Stay in White House Till at Least 2020
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November 3, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper | reports that “Pelosi moves to muzzle Trump impeachment talk.”

Nancy Pelosi, leader of the House Democrats, is “peeved” at Tom Steyer’s impeachment ad, which she sees as distraction, according to, and her entire strategy is geared towards the Democrats winning the House in 2018.

The verdict is in, hammered and delivered in no uncertain terms—the Democrats, left to their own devices, are NOT going to do ANYTHING to unseat Trump, far less the fascist regime, and constrained by an electoral calculus, will not risk, in her words, “drama,” till 2018!

2018? What happens between now and then...

To the people of the Korean peninsula, and Iran, with Trump’s escalating threats of nuclear war, to unleash “fire and fury,” threatening to totally destroy North Korea in a speech to the UN!

To the millions of immigrants whose lives are torn asunder by this fascist regime

To the civil liberties being shredded, to a press under siege

To every gain of the civil rights era under assault and being rolled back with Sessions’ white-supremacist Justice Department

To the open brazenness and violence perpetrated by fascist white-supremacist thugs, given license and backing to march, chanting “you will not replace us! Jews will not replace us!”

To a planet hurtling toward the point when the effects of global warming become irreversible

To women whose right to abortion and birth control are under threat from a misogynist, Christian fascist regime

To LGBTQ people, to Muslims, and others deemed “other” by a genocidal regime whose head Trump decries “diversity” and “political correctness”?

Pelosi’s is a deeply chauvinist position, seeing these monstrous horrors as “distractions.” But from the standpoint of humanity, WE cannot wait till 2018. There will be no savior from the top.

What is needed is a political crisis that creates the conditions in which this regime is driven from power! What is needed is millions of us who feel this is a nightmare, that this must end, to manifest and create this crisis! What is needed is a real beginning, November 4, towards this, mass nonviolent sustained mobilization, till this regime is driven from power. What is needed is a massive political movement that changes the calculus of every political force in the country. JOIN US!


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