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November 2, 2017 | Revolution Newspaper |


Film showing in suburb of Chicago

A small group met out in a progressive suburb to watch and discuss the filmed talk by Bob Avakian: THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America—A Better World IS Possible.

Even before the film started, questions were being raised about the role of Antifa and violence in the planned rallies on Nov 4. It was helpful that a major article was published that day in the Washington Post, interviewing Andy Zee on that very question. We also had copies of the full page ad for Nov 4 in the New York Times.

The person who organized the showing introduced the program saying that BA gets into the history of how fascism has come to be in America, and the need to do something about it—the Trump/Pence regime has to go! He added that the film will really get you charged up!

After the film, the first question was framed around Naomi Klein’s argument that “NO Is Not Enough,” from a person who identifies with Democratic Socialists of America. The person who organized the showing said he was also inclined toward the DSA. He said that he’d heard that question a lot, and felt strongly that whatever progressive people were for, they needed to have ground to argue and fight for those positions—the very ground that the Trump/Pence fascists were undermining and want to eliminate. 

The several people there (aside from the revcoms) had been very active (even traveling out of state) trying to get Bernie elected. They are very alarmed by where things are headed. One woman spoke about how alarmed she is that people aren’t alarmed! She talked about visiting the Holocaust museum in Amsterdam and how people need to understand how this is what is happening here. 

It was also raised that “having communists involved can turn people off.” Someone from the Revolution Club was there, and explained that the RCP played a very important initiating role with Refuse Fascism, which also includes a range of diverse groupings and opinions. She referred back to what BA said in the film about everyone who hates this getting involved, and the negative lessons from Germany about distancing and sectarianism. She also directed people to various parts of the Q&A with BA that is now online, for more detailed answers to some of their questions. For example, she got into the less-known quote from Pastor Niemöller that BA talked about—if thousands of Germans had made the necessary sacrifices, then millions would have been saved (while clarifying that these are not the stakes at this time for Nov. 4th). Off of this discussion the people said they would try to get DSA to get involved in the 4th

Another question was “OK, so the regime is gone; but then the government fails—won’t there be chaos for awhile?” The Revolution Club person again referred to what BA talked about in the film about what could come out the other end of this massive and sustained resistance, and the various possibilities as well as “not having a crystal ball.” 

At the same time, people were brought to question their own unconscious acceptance of the GTF, the Great Tautological Fallacy of America being a force for good in the world and rationalizing everything it does on that basis. One person made the point, “It’s hard to see we’re not really good.” There was important wrangling with this and how people are taught to look at America as a force for good. It was like “Ok, yes, this country WAS built on slavery and genocide of Native Americans.”

Actually everyone seemed to agree when it was raised that people who watched the film came out with a deeper understanding of the need to drive out the Trump/Pence regime and the possibility of doing so.

It turned out that there was also overlap with the progressive faith community, so we also watched the inspiring call for Nov 4 by Tom Carey on a cell phone.

From an organizer for Nov 4:

Billboard for Nov 4

I went to see the neon sign at Clarendon and Broadway. It is so striking. I sent it around to my friends to remind them to come. Then I started to get calls back. One person who works on issues for Mexico said their Saturday meeting is cancelled so people can come to November 4.

From a Reader:

Reaching out to Teachers

Tuesday evening I took November 4 to the Chicago Teachers Union monthly delegate meeting (about 250 people). I taped the big color posters for Nov 4 (with Trump in a KKK hat) on my front and back, so my message was bold and clear to everyone as they arrived.

I talked to people about the stakes for the world if we don’t act now and end this fascist nightmare. And many stopped and said yes, that is so true. I immediately asked if they could take more flyers back to those you work with. Many said yes and I got out over 500 copies of the Call to Nov 4 and 150 pluggers in an hour. I challenged them to be downtown on Saturday. 

A number of people said they already knew about Nov 4. Some had seen people the night before leafleting the line at Hillary Clinton’s book signing event. One guy said he had seen the Refuse Fascism Nov 4 ad today (Tuesday) in the New York Times.

There were also several other people outside flyering for candidates, for a social justice fair, and other causes, who I reached out to. I stressed that this was about doing what the world needs us to do, and people of all different perspectives coming together to do that. I talked to two groups of people working for candidates and asked them to ask their candidate to endorse 11/4. They both took materials and said they would.


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