Atlanta: Protesters at College National Football Championships Say “Trump and Pence Must Go!”

January 10, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |



From a reader:

Monday night tens of thousands of football fans gathered to watch the College Football National Playoff Championship in Atlanta between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs. Just days before the game it was announced that Donald Trump would be attending the game. Citing a lyric from halftime performer Kendrick Lamar, the Atlanta chapter of Refuse Fascism issued a call: “Donald Trump Is a Chump. If You Agree, Come Take a Knee.” People of conscience assembled and—like the heroic football players who have refused to back down to Trump’s threats—took a knee in solidarity with those who have been targeted by the Trump/Pence regime.

Photo Courtesy of IG: LyndonEugene


Around 70 people of different ages and backgrounds joined the protest—from women’s marchers with pink pussy hats to students protesting for the first time. The protestors’ presence sharply polarized the football-enthused crowd. Protestors held the Refuse Fascism banner saying “Trump and Pence Must Go!” Others carried creative home-made signs and posters with #TrumpPenceMustGo and #TakeAKnee. The protestors chanted, “Trump is a fascist, there’s no doubt. Rise up! Rise up! Drive him out!” and at one point some youth started the chant “Fuck Trump! Fuck hate! America was never great!”

The chants and signs challenged the football fans to pick a side–either you’re down with a fascist nightmare or you stand with humanity. The atmosphere was tense amidst the thousands outside of the CNN building where the protest was held. Some yelled dumb shit like “Fuck you! Get a job” and other reactionary shit like “Go Trump!” and “Make America Great Again!”

However, there were many people who thanked the protesters (people around the country also sent thanks to the protesters via Facebook) and yelled things like “Go Dawgs! Fuck Trump!” and “Trump has got to go!” with fists and peace signs waving in the air. Some football fans joined the protest on the spot. Demonstrators took a knee as national media surrounded the demonstration, snapping pictures, filming and interviewing protestors. One Refuse Fascism organizer said, “It felt like being on the red carpet.” The protest marched outside CNN across the street from Centennial Olympic Park where Kendrick Lamar was scheduled to perform at halftime.

There were other bold acts of defiance and resistance that polarized the game. As Trump came onto the field during the National Anthem, he was met with both cheers and boos. The same was true when his motorcade passed by people waiting to enter the game. According to some reports, one Alabama player shouted “Fuck Trump” as he ran onto the field. Outside the stadium activists with Democratic Socialists of America projected a huge “FUCK TRUMP” onto stadium.

These acts of resistance made news around the country. It gave heart to the millions of people who hate what this regime is doing here and around the world. And it also spread the truth: The Trump/Pence Regime is fascist, and they must go!



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