Louis Farrakhan to Donald Trump:
Make A Deal with Me or I’ll… I’ll… I’ll... Get My Imaginary Friend to… Do Something to You

Part 1.

By Joe Veale

January 22, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Recently Louis Farrakhan held a press conference in DC at the Watergate Hotel. This was advertised as a major address—a major message—to Trump.

What was that message...? —wait for it… “Let us go.” That’s right. “Let my people go…” “If you do not, watch what God brings down.” As he huffs and puffs, Farrakhan thunders that Trump better listen to him because he has the powerful backing of an imaginary—yet ALL powerful… friend.  

Consistent with what he has said in earlier talks this past year, his imaginary friend is omnipotent—ALL powerful. He is supposedly responsible for snow falling in places on Earth that has no record of snow having ever fallen before. His imaginary God is responsible for the destructive fires and now floods that are destroying ecosystems and ruining lives in California.

These events—to which climate change is a major contributing factor—can all be understood through science. But in the worldview of Farrakhan these are signs that his imaginary God is angry with white people—angry with America—for its treatment of Black people.

Farrakhan Asks Trump for the Same Deal the Zionists Got—to Become an Assistant Oppressor

In his press conference at the Watergate he says to Trump: “Read the letter I have sent you. Give the Nation of Islam (NOI) some land where we can establish a state of our own—similar to how the state of Israel was set up on the homeland of the Palestinian people.”

It should be noted that setting up the state of Israel was a criminal enterprise of ethnic cleansing—a genocidal undertaking against the Palestinian people. This criminal enterprise got backing from the very powerful—and in no way imaginary—imperialist power of the U.S., as well as others, following World War 2.

“We will take eight states,” Farrakhan says. “Kick out some of your own people and give the land to us. We will take the Caribbean Islands.”

My ALL powerful God, he says, “sent Hurricane Irma and Maria through there, showing you he does not want you there vacationing and sunning yourself. We will take it.”

Farrakhan did NOT ask the people of the Caribbean Islands if they wanted his brand of Black capitalist, neocolonial, patriarchal, ignorance-enshrouded society forced upon them—instead he is relying on imperialism to implant him and the NOI there, just as the Zionists did with Palestine.

For someone who claims to be an enemy of Israel—Farrakhan sure does borrow a lot from their playbook.

Farrakhan Sounds Alarms, Then Calls His Imaginary Friend to the Rescue—and Maintains His "Clean Record" of Never Mobilizing Masses to FIGHT

Yes, in his press conference, Farrakhan warned against war in North Africa, the Middle East, and North Korea. He also spoke of genocidal assault against Black youth in the U.S. He did point to some reality.

However, when it comes to what to do about any of this—he tells people to wait for more signs of anger from his ALL powerful God.  

Here once again—Farrakhan and the NOI maintain their “clean record” of huffing and puffing, threatening to…to…to… but never ever doing a damn thing when it comes to concretely standing up against the powers. When has NOI or Farrakhan ever mobilized people to stand up against the system of capitalism-imperialism which the U.S. sits at the top of? This system that is responsible for the genocidal oppression of Black people; xenophobic and genocidal oppression against immigrants, Muslims and other oppressed people in the USA—not to mention other human beings in places like Yemen, Haiti, El Salvador, Africa and other parts of the world. This system that today has brought us fascism, complete with nuclear warmongering.

Farrakhan, don’t tell us about that million man march—that was a march of “atonement”—of Black men being led to blame themselves for the conditions this system has cast Black people into. And that “Justice or Else” farce in DC two years ago was just another instance of you posturing—once again huffing and puffing—while you and the NOI hijack the desire of the masses of people to fight back against their oppression.

Instead they had to listen to you run some shit…about getting themselves together so that you can lead them. Lead them where, to do what?!

Farrakhan Warns the Masses Not to Pull Down Monuments to...Those Who Fought for Slavery!

Farrakhan even warns people not to pull down the monuments to slavery.

Monuments to the Southern Confederacy.

“Robert E. Lee was a great general,” he says. “He should be shown respect.”

Lee—like Trump and the rest of his fascist cabal—was/is a white supremacist pig who thought it was natural—a “God-given right”—for white people to own Black people. To whip them. To rape Black women.

Lee was a general who led armies to expand the slave system. From its very beginnings up to today Amerikkka was born in and thrived on denying the humanity of Black people… genocide and theft of land from indigenous people—war and theft of land from Mexico—brutal, savage oppression of other people of color.

Farrakhan says, “Do not pull down these monuments because it brings pain to those who lost their property—who lost their way of life. It angers them and their descendants."

Good. All such monuments should come crumbling down.

Further, any system that needs such monuments—that needs to show respect for that “Southern way of life”—demands…urgently cries out to be overthrown.

The Only "Deal" That Trump Will Offer—and the Real Deal That Farrakhan Is and Has Been Auditioning For—Is To Be an Enforcer for the Trump/Pence Regime

Repeatedly Farrakhan grovels before the fascist Trump. Constantly referring to him as “Mr.”—as someone he can make a deal with.

The only deal these fascists will make with you is for you to be their police.

This is something that Farrakhan and the NOI have been auditioning for. 

The NOI auditioned for the role of police during the protest and rebellion in Ferguson after the police murder of Mike Brown. There they attempted to hold the people back and protect the pigs who were brutalizing protesters with tear gas, tanks, assault weapons, concussion grenades, batons. Beating and arresting people. They even slandered genuine revolutionaries, including in their newspaper!

Farrakhan called for a march in 2015—he wanted 10,000 Black men to stand between the masses and the police. The masses of people, Black and other nationalities/races—were protesting and rebelling against the murder again, again, and again, of Black and Brown people by the police and vigilantes (unofficial police)—and here was Farrakhan calling for 10,000 Black men to police the people. This was NOT to STOP the police from murdering the people. Instead, he said he was doing this to stop the people from giving the police “an excuse” to do their brutality—as if these pigs need an excuse—but really the point of this would be to STOP the people from “getting out of control” in protesting this. Stopping the people from demanding justice—from holding these murdering pigs accountable—the NOI stood as a barrier to prevent people from following where this righteous demand was leading them to go.

“Deputize us as your police force” is the deal they are offering the fascist Trump.

End of part I.




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