Let’s Enlist Those Who Like BA’s New Talk to Help Spread It

January 29, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us


Recently, including in this issue, we’ve run different positive and enthusiastic responses to the filmed talk of Bob Avakian on the Trump/Pence fascist regime and what must be done to stop it. There’s nothing like this talk—and if it got out even in the tens of thousands (at first), it could have a huge impact on people’s understanding and, therefore, their actions.

Next week we intend to lay out a whole plan to do just that. But even the comments we’ve been running raise an immediate question: Wouldn’t it be important, when people DO respond this way, to enlist them in getting this unique and incredibly important film out far more broadly? It’s not always clear from these reports that this is happening. The people responding clearly have social networks—through work, family, neighborhood, and so on. Are we going into with them how important it would be for this film to get out far and wide—the possible impact it could have? Are we actively strategizing with them how to spread this film? Are we giving them the materials—and the ongoing contact, where possible—to assist them in spreading this? Again, we’ll be laying out fuller plans next week—but there’s no need to wait.

Another thing: Are we going into “A Contended Question” with people to prepare them for what they’ll encounter, negative as well as positive? Are we following up with them to see how it’s going? Most of all, and what has to be at the foundation of all of this—are we bringing home to them the urgency of getting this analysis out as far as we all can so that we can not only understand the dire situation we’re in (which nothing explains like this talk!) but change it?




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