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February 19, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


This coming week, the coordinated effort to get the new BA talk in front of millions focuses on students and college campuses, and the need for students to both take up the fight to end the Trump era through mass resistance, and to begin a process of engagement with the new communism and the movement for revolution that BA is leading. These goals can be advanced greatly by mass engagement with this new film, by college students, professors, and as part of campus discourse.

Anyone who has begun to see what a difference it could make for people everywhere to see this film, can and should contribute to this! (For a deeper look at the difference this could make, see here.)

Here are some additions to the Make a Splash on Social Media article, ways that anyone moved by this film can help make an impact on the campuses this week. Make sure to tag @tuneintorevcom on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and use the hashtag #TrumpPenceMustGo, whenever you can.

Reach out to people you know, directly: Hit up any students, professors, or anybody else who works at or is connected to a college campus. Call them up, text them, message them; tag them, with the link to the film or a clip. Let them know why you think people on their campus should see it. If you are a student or connected to a campus, consider hosting a screening of the talk, and promoting it on social media. Show people the trailer on your phone when you see them, and capture their response. If you are a professor who appreciates this talk, show it to your class and agree or disagree, hold a discussion of the very serious questions it addresses, and the answers it poses. If you agree, write a statement of support and post it.

Pick a campus: Campuses across the country, and critical thinking itself, is under attack by the Trump/Pence regime. Early on, UC Berkeley, University of Florida, and others were rocked by protest against white supremacist, misogynist, fascist Trump cronies speaking at their schools. Now, the movement to create Sanctuary Campuses to protect immigrant students from what is becoming a gestapo-like state, is growing, and everyone involved in that movement should also see this film. Reach out directly, posting on school newspaper and school organization Facebook pages, and tagging professors and student organizers.

Add your voice: If you were moved by this film, say why, from your perspective. That can be a Facebook Live video as short as one sentence, a photo of you holding a palm card of the film or a note saying why you appreciate it in your hand, or the text of a tweet that links to the film; whatever it is, post something original like that every day. If you’re not sure what to say, post a quote from the talk you thought was important, or pose a question you think was addressed in the talk, and challenge your following to watch to hear the answer. If you’re feeling artistic, get artistic with it!

Pay attention & respond to events as they happen: Almost every day there is a new outrage, and the resistance to Trump has not been quelled… but fascism can absorb separate acts of resistance, while it bludgeons through with its agenda, and all the while becomes normalized. What people need to understand in order to act commensurate to the threat posed by Trump, is concentrated in this talk. With each fresh outrage from the Trump/Pence regime, there is something in this talk that will help people understand what is happening and why. Pay attention to current events, watch the Trump administration like a hawk, and search news and social media for campus protests and walkouts. Reply, comment, intervene into those events on social media, with the clips, the Q&As, or the full talk to help shape public understanding of what we are facing, and what we must do. See also the “Engage in ongoing discussion on social media...” section of the Make a Splash! article.

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