To All the Sick Racist Shitheads Calling Pigs on Black People Just for Drawing a Breath:
Back the Fuck Up! (And Wake the Fuck Up!).

To All Who Are Disgusted and Outraged:
“Get With The Actual Revolution That Could Fully and Finally Put an End to This Shit!”

May 14, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


Where on earth is it an offense, IF you happen to be Black, Brown or a person of color—punishable by humiliation, degradation, and possibly arrest, beating, choking, maybe even death—not to wave at white strangers…to appear “odd”….to sit down in a diner at a table that hasn’t been cleared…to take a nap in a dormitory common room…to sit in a coffee shop and try to use the restroom without ordering anything?

America, that’s where—not decades or centuries ago, but right here and right now. There’s an ugly outbreak sweeping America – of white people siccing the pigs on Black, Brown and Native people who are just living life. These sick, racist fucks are putting people of color in danger of arrest, brutalization, even death.    

Here’s just some of the shit that’s gone down in recent weeks:

May 9, 7 police cars and a helicopter swarmed three Black filmmakers in Rialto, California as they left an Airbnb rental.  Why?  Because some white person thought they hadn’t waved back to her. 

May 7, a Black woman graduate student at Yale University was hassled by four cops for napping in her own dormitory common room...because some white woman thought she didn’t “belong” there.

May 5, a Black youth, in a Waffle House with his younger sister still in her prom dress, was choked and thrown to the ground by a North Carolina cop…because they sat at a table that hadn’t been cleaned off and then complained when Waffle House refused to serve them.

May 2, two Native American brothers were pulled out of a campus tour for prospective students by Colorado State University police…because a white person called police when she decided their behavior was “odd.”  

April 12, two Black men were arrested at a Starbucks in Philadelphia while they waited for a business associate…because the manager said they hadn’t ordered anything yet.

White people are now being unleashed to feel entitled to take it upon themselves—for any reason or no reason at all—to call out the dogs of “law and order” to police and erase Black, Latino and Native peoples from public spaces and public life. Being Black, Brown or some color other than white now means that doing the most ordinary, everyday things can get you humiliated…degraded… terrorized…cuffed up…choked out…beaten…or even killed.

These incidents are a screaming siren and flashing red light indicating great and growing danger. Everyone needs to stand up against it.  Silence or “neutrality” is complicity. You either go along with this shit, or you stand up to it, as a woman in an Oakland, California park did recently when she forced someone who had called police on a Black family having a barbecue to back the fuck off.

What Kind of Putrid System Trains People to Do This Shit?

What kind of system emboldens white people to feel they have the right—and the duty!—to summon mad-dog cops who have proven over and over and over that they will—on sight—shoot and kill Black people and Latino and Native people when they arrive on a reported “crime scene”… white people who want to keep oppressed people in “their place” or out of spaces they feel should be reserved for white people?

This society trains all too many whites to be ignorant, arrogant and racist. Black people are dehumanized through the so-called “news media” and its daily portrayal of Black youth as criminals. A seemingly endless barrage of cop shows and movies portray Black youths as criminals. A stupefying system of MIS-education that lies about the history and current reality of oppression at the core of this country.

And, yes, this systematic dehumanization is done by the political leaders of this country, Democrat as well as Republican. Some do it directly, like Ronald Reagan going to Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three civil rights workers were lynched, to talk about “states’ rights.” Some use coded words and symbols, like Bill Clinton posing next to a chain gang of Black prisoners, and making a point of executing a mentally ill Black man as he campaigned for president; or Barack Obama preaching to Black youth that “brothers should pull up their pants” so they could “make it” in society.

Now the white supremacist Trump and his fascist regime are openly and unashamedly spewing poisonous racist bile against Black people, Mexicans, Muslims, and Native Americans. Trump’s words and actions are helping instigate and unleash this wave of racist snitch/vigilantes running amok. All too many whites are willingly being mobilized to enforce social relations of oppression and white supremacy.

Let’s call it like it is—these people are vicious and sick-minded shits. Again, by calling the cops they are literally endangering the lives of the Black, Latino, Native American, Muslim or Asian people. It must be opposed and STOPPED.

White Supremacy: America’s Mother’s Milk from Day One

From day one, white supremacy—slavery, genocide, rape, and theft - was the mother’s milk of this country. The U.S. grew strong on it; white supremacy is hard wired into every aspect of U.S. society. Today the system wants to supercharge it once again. This is a 21st-century version of the requirement that slaves show a pass whenever a white person demanded it if they were off the plantation; or the expectation—enforced by law and brutality—that Black people had to step out of the way of white people during Jim Crow days.

You think this is exaggeration, blown out of proportion? Think again.

Think of the posses of heavily armed “slave patrols” that prowled woods and swamps, seeking and capturing Black people, shackling and whipping those who survived, before returning them to their legal owners—backed up by the force of Constitutional law at every step. Think of the mobs of whites who lynched thousands of Mexicans, mainly but not only in border states. Think of the bands of white “homesteaders” who in their push westward made sport of attacking and scalping Native Americans, and whose violence paved the way for literally genocidal campaigns by the U.S. military. And think of how this genocide was made into the child’s game of “cowboys and Indians.” Think of the lynchings of Black men and women publicly announced in newspapers, and celebrated with postcards of the mutilated, hanging corpses, well into the 20th century. Think of white people scrambling to buy pieces of the mangled flesh of lynched Black people as “souvenirs.”

All that, and more, is America. Not just in the South, but East, West, and North as well—vicious racism carried out not just by the KKK and the police forces, but by millions and millions of ordinary white people.

And now, as Trump gives open backing to torch-carrying mobs of white supremacists, calling them “fine people,” there is a surge of white people who think it is their right and responsibility to call out the modern-day lynch mob of the police if they encounter a Black person who they just don’t like the looks of. Trump, Pence, and their cabal intend to consolidate fascism and impose it on all of society.

Fight Back, and Fight to Win

But the savage and intensifying oppression, the terror and isolation inflicted on Black and other people of color, indicates a potential strategic weakness of the system. The oppressor fears the oppressed; fears that the oppressed will rise up and begin to realize their potential power. Fears that in doing so the oppressed will spark and inspire millions of others to rise up—all the others who catch hell every day, and all those who hate what is done to oppressed people and find it intolerable. 

There are also answers for how to get rid of this unbearable shit, how to create a NEW SOCIETY on a different foundation. There is the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, authored by Bob Avakian, which talks about how from day one the new state power and the laws would back up the people in eradicating all oppressive relations and the oppressive ideas behind them. 

To get to that new society we need to overthrow the current system of capitalism imperialism through revolution. The pamphlet How We Can WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution from the Revolutionary Communist Party’s Central Committee explains what we need to know to make this revolution.

Right now, we—people of all nationalities—need to be fighting back against the racist onslaught, as part of contributing to making that revolution we need. We need to do it with the orientation described in that pamphlet:

We need to oppose and disrupt the moves of the ruling powers to isolate, “encircle,” brutalize, mass incarcerate and murderously repress the people who have the hardest life under this system and who most need this revolution. We need to “encircle” them—by bringing forth wave upon wave of people rising up in determined opposition to this system. 

White peoplestop calling the fucking cops on Black, Brown and Native American people!

Stop enforcing white supremacy; be part of opposing and overturning white supremacy!

People of all nationalities and color who are rightfully disgusted by this shit: Get with the actual revolution that could fully and finally put an end to it.



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