Open Letters to William Barber and Carmen Perez

May 31, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |



To Reverend William Barber, who proposed carrying the U.S. flag in demonstrations during the week of Memorial Day:

Those who struggle for justice in America have an enemy, and that enemy is the U.S. ruling class of capitalist-imperialists and the system that they run. That enemy has a flag—a blood-soaked stars and stripes under which this enemy has committed horrendous and unmatched crimes over centuries, and which it continues to commit every day. The fact that the oppressed themselves have often died fighting for the very flag that subjugates them only makes it worse. You can NOT beat that enemy while you’re waving his flag.

And to Carmen Perez, of the Women’s March, who appealed to Ivanka Trump to stop the separation of immigrant children from their parents by ICE, and did so as an expectant mother to “a mother of three”: Ivanka Trump is a high-level functionary of a fascist regime attempting to clamp down power. The barbaric separation of children from parents is a linchpin and battering ram of that program. Appealing to the “hearts” of people who have proven over and over again that they are heartless feeds dangerous illusions and sets people up to be preyed upon yet again. To do this in a way that reinforces the reactionary sentimentalism promoted by this system makes it even worse. 

Deceiving and misleading the masses, in the hope of avoiding the necessary sharp battles to come, fools nobody but the people and helps nobody but the enemy.




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