At Chicago “March for Families” Against Attacks on Immigrants
Revolution Club Attacked AGAIN by Chicago Police

June 25, 2018 | Revolution Newspaper |


From a member of the Revolution Club:

The Revolution Club in Chicago was once again targeted for attack by police in Chicago. This time at a very significant rally and march against the separation of immigrant children from their parents at the U.S./Mexican border. The rally of approximately 500 or more people was organized by outraged middle-strata people and included a lot of families with their young children, and included speakers from the neighborhood as well as different levels of the Democratic Party from local alderman to U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, and was followed by a march thru middle class neighborhoods on the city’s North Side.

At the end of the rally a Revolution Club leader got on a bullhorn and  challenged what people were being told from the stage that America is inherently good and that will stop fascism, along with calls to wait until the November elections and to rely on the same Democratic Party to stop the consolidation of fascism that has been conciliating and accommodating with the “American Hitler” fascist regime of Trump and Pence—a regime that celebrated the putting of children in cages, and doesn’t even see nonwhite people as human beings and is carrying out a program of ethnic cleansing of immigrants. That people needed to step out of their comfort zones and turn away from ways that have led us into the situation we are in right now—that for years people have been told to ignore the situation and it will go away, and now we have fascists in the White House—that for years we have been told to not confront the fascists because it will only make them angrier and now we have a demented bully with his finger on the nuclear button in the White House. That for years we have been told that racism and discrimination is on its deathbed because we had a Black president and now we have a Ku Klux Klan loving president in the highest office hammering into being a white male dominated society where the rights of people of color, women and LGBTQ people are being stripped away EVERY SINGLE DAY. That this is not something to compromise with and accommodate to, and work within the same channels that got us here and think that this is going to do something about it—and that Democrats who say, “We are all on the same team” with this fascist regime—that NO, we are not all on the same team, working for a “better America” No. We need to be coming at this from the standpoint of what is good for humanity! And what are we going to say not just to the children at the border but to the children in Yemen who are right now being killed by U.S. backed slaughter and genocide there. What are we going to say to the people of the world? That we were “good Americans” that waited around to vote for people who wouldn’t actually stop this—who told you, who are telling you now, that they would not do anything to get rid of Trump—that the answer is to “win back America” by becoming more like Trump to win over Trump supporters. Give me a break! They are getting you who hate this, who do not want to live in a fascist America to go along with it and accommodate with it. And that is not what people need to be doing. Now is a time to move heaven and earth to do what the German people should have done in the early days of the Nazi regime, which is raise hell and bring the regime to a halt and drive this regime from power! It has been done before. It is possible. And no it has never been done thru elections, but it has been done thru mass nonviolent resistance and mobilizations outside of the channels of power.

The march began and the Revolution Club was leading chants of, “We are here to show our rage, no more children in a cage!” and “Immigrants stay, Trump and Pence go away!” when less than two blocks from the starting point of the march several pigs approached the Revolution Club member who spoke earlier and demanded he turn off the bullhorn and then moved to arrest him. People from the community and Revolution Club members chanted “Let them go!” The pigs called in on their radios and a few minutes later backed off.

Then about a mile later at the end point of the march the pigs once again massed like they were going to make arrests and community members again demanded they leave the Revolution Club alone.

Damn near every time the Revolution Club has gone out to significant mobilizations and major events in the recent period, it has been fucked with by the police. This has to stop! In the face of these attacks, the orientation described in HOW WE CAN WIN—How We Can Really Make Revolution is to the point:

While awaiting the necessary conditions to go all-out for revolution, we need to hasten this and actively carry out the “3 Prepares”: Prepare the Ground, Prepare the People, and Prepare the Vanguard—Get Ready for the Time When Millions Can Be Led to Go for Revolution, All-Out, With a Real Chance to Win.  We need to Fight the Power, and Transform the People, for Revolution—protest and resist the injustices and atrocities of this system, and win people to defy and repudiate this putrid system and its ways of thinking, and to take up the outlook and values, and the strategy and program of the revolution, build up the forces for this revolution, and defeat the attempts of the ruling powers to crush the revolution and its leadership. With every “jolt” in society—every crisis, every new outrage, where many people question and resist what they normally accept—we need to seize on this to advance the revolution and expand its organized forces. We need to oppose and disrupt the moves of the ruling powers to isolate, “encircle,” brutalize, mass incarcerate and murderously repress the people who have the hardest life under this system and who most need this revolution. We need to “encircle” them—by bringing forth wave upon wave of people rising up in determined opposition to this system.

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