Now They’re Tasing 11-Year-Olds!
This System Can’t Be Reformed—It Must Be OVERTHROWN!

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Can you believe this shit? Now this fucking system is tasing 11-year-olds!!

Monday night, Aug. 6, an off-duty cop working security at a Kroger supermarket in Cincinnati, Ohio, came up on a young girl he thought might be shoplifting. She was 11 years old, in fifth grade, stood 4’11”, weighed 90 pounds, and had a backpack. And yeah, she’s Black.

When the pig approached her, she ignored him and moved away. So he tased her. In the back! 50,000 fucking volts for an 11-year-old!! Then police charged her with “theft” and “obstruction of justice.”

Donesha Gowdy still has marks on her back from the taser.  At an August 8 press conference, she described falling down when she was tased.  “I was shaking,” she said. Her mother Donna Gowdy thinks the cop might been tasing her while she was down.  Donesha is still in pain and has trouble sleeping.  Why did she walk away from the pig?  “Because I was scared.”  And what did it turn out Donesha had done?  Put a few snacks in her backpack—pop, chips and candy, worth what, a few dollars?  This outrageous attack on an 11-year-old has sparked uproar in Cincinnati. The chief pig claims to be very concerned and is talking about investigations and policy changes.  The city’s been forced to drop charges against Donesha.

This is bullshit! What does this barbaric attack say about this whole system?

First, why is ANY 11-year-old getting tased? And this wasn’t some “rogue cop”—official policy allows pigs to tase anyone between 7 and 70!  And no, it didn’t make a bit of difference that the chief pig and the tasing pig are both Black.

Second, even if she did take food with the intent not to pay—which this pig had no real way of knowing before he tased her—what kind of a system drives children to steal food?!?!

What kind of system? A system that has no right to exist, that cannot be reformed, and needs to be overthrown!

BAsics 1:20

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