Cheers to Charles McKenzie, Vic Mensa, and Shaun King—Fuck the Police

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Two weeks ago Chicago police, working together with railroad police, parked a semi truck filled with Nike sneakers in the impoverished South Side Englewood neighborhood to “catch thieves.” Turns out these “bait truck” stings are not unusual for the CPD, but this one backfired big time. A neighborhood youth, Charles McKenzie, caught them in the act and posted a video of this pig scheme on Facebook. The video went viral and, to add insult to injury for these pigs, Vic Mensa and Shaun King jumped into the fray on the side of the people. Mensa laid plans to hand out free sneakers to youths from an “anti-bait truck” at the same exact spot where these pigs set up their sting.” Shaun King pinned McKenzie’s video of this ugly pig scam on his Twitter page, calling on people across the country to buy thousands of pairs of sneakers to pass out free to Chicago youth. Thousands of people responded. Three people, all adults, who were arrested at this “bait truck,” have all had their charges dropped as the Chicago police have been forced to back off in the face of this viral video and mass response to the free sneaker campaign.

See video and King’s post here.


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