A Call To Action From The Revolution Club Chicago:

Justice For Laquan McDonald!
Convict Van Dyke and Throw Him in Jail—
The Whole Damn System Is GUILTY AS HELL!

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Van Dyke must not walk free! Murder after murder by police MUST STOP. Because of the video of Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times by Jason Van Dyke, and what people did in response through waves of protest in Chicago and around the country, this murdering pig is now on trial.

But the skids are being greased to let another killer cop loose. This murder and the massive cover-up that followed reveals the lengths to which this system will go to protect and enable these killer cops. Already in this trial, the judge has ruled that Laquan Mcdonald, whom Van Dyke is supposed to be on trial for murdering, cannot be referred to as a “victim.” Yet Van Dyke’s lawyers can paint Laquan as a threat and bring up his past to paint him as a violent “monster” who this cop had no choice but to kill. The judge forced Laquan’s mother to appear at a pre-trial hearing to answer questions from the Van Dyke lawyers (no doubt about Laquan’s alleged “violent” past). A jury has been seated with ONLY ONE Black juror in a city that is almost one-third Black...

From the slave catchers, to the KKK, to the killer cops of today. Black people have been terrorized and oppressed since the beginning of this white supremacist country, and those who run this system have always used the law to murderously repress and control Black people, along with stoking a fear of Black people through demonization and criminalization. While Van Dyke is on trial this time, and Laquan IS the victim of this murdering cop, this is an example that represents what future this system has for millions of youth just like Laquan, and whether that will be allowed and further unleashed. After all the struggle people have waged, another killer cop walking free would be another green light to genocide—under a Trump/Pence fascist regime that would be more than happy to take this to horrific new extremes and has called on police to be even more brutal, to “take the gloves off,” and to be let loose on Chicago.

Ways we can act now. Stakes are high—WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Everyone everywhere who has a heart and a conscience right now needs to stand on the right side and refuse to accept what for too long has been accepted as “normal.” We have to bring our outrage and heartbreak into the streets, where we work, where we go to school, where we live.

  • Protest in front of the Cook Country Courthouse (26th and California) every Monday at 8am.
  • Make Thursdays “Laquan Day.” Take 16 minutes of action for the 16 shots. Hold a silent protest, organize a “die-in”, hold a speak-out, a walkout, or occupy a space for 16 minutes.
  • Take videos and pictures and spread them on social media. Share it with us on FB/TW:@revclubchi or revclub.chi@gmail.com
  • Mobilize when the jury goes to decision. If Van Dyke IS found guilty, CELEBRATE the struggle that achieved this. IF Van Dyke is allowed to go free, business-as-usual NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN.

Get with the revolution. Making revolution to overthrow the system these murderous pigs really “serve and protect” is the only way to end the many outrages rooted in this system from the genocidal police terror and mass incarceration of Black people and other oppressed nationalities, to its wars and destruction of people and the environment, to the oppression and degradation of immigrants, women, and LGBTQ people. Everyone who wants to go to work on making revolution now should join the Revolution Club, and see this new filmed talk from Bob Avakian, WHY WE NEED AN ACTUAL REVOLUTION AND HOW WE CAN REALLY MAKE REVOLUTION. This film will let everyone who sees it learn that there IS a way out of this madness, and there is leadership for the struggle to make that way real. Go to revcom.us for Sept. 22nd-23rd preview showings and/or Contact the Revolution Club Chicago at 312.804.9121 or revclub.chi@gmail.com

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