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"A Huge Revolutionary Salute to the Revolution Club of Chicago..."

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First and foremost, I would like to send out a huge revolutionary salute to the Revolution Club of Chicago for boldly demanding that Van Dyke be convicted and locked up for Murder and showing how the whole system is guilty of the murder/cover-up of Laquan McDonald all in front of the courthouse and for the world to see—I always make it a point to highlight what the Rev. Club is putting forward whenever the local news comes on.

Revolution’s coverage of this Killer Cop’s trial has really ignited some lively and intense discussions involving murder by police, mass incarceration, and the overall oppression of Black people as well as other oppressed nationalities and how all of this is rooted in the murderous system of global exploitation and oppression.

These weekly compiled articles from continues to play a vital and dynamic role in here. Not only do these articles expose the crimes and outrages of this system, but also shows us scientifically why this system can’t be reformed and why it is so essential and indispensible for us to be engaging and grappling with the revolutionary leadership and scientific works of BA, in particular the new synthesis of communism that BA has developed and brought forward.

As prisoners who have a heart for humanity, we need to help spread the word of the new film Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution—this film needs to get out in a big and powerful way!

We need to make a “future of revolution, actual revolution, guided by the vision, ethos, and plan of the New Communism developed by Bob Avakian” a point of contention in the face of the “Trump/Pence fascist regime” and “Imperialism-as-usual.”

A “Not Guilty” verdict in this pig’s trial will have genocidal implications for Black and Latino people and other oppressed nationalities across the country, especially as the Trump/Pence regime is preparing to lock in a pro-fascist majority in a branch of government by installing Kava-Nazi onto the Supreme Court.

Whose interests was Van Dyke “serving and protecting” when he pumped 16 shots throughout the body of Laquan McDonald?

Can you please arm me with the following:  1) Conquer the World 2) Demarcations 3) Away With All Gods! 4) Bastion of Enlightenment… or Enforcer for Imperialism: The Case of Israel. Thank You!

Fight the Power, and Transform the People for Revolution…


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