ALERT cancelled the campaign to raise funds to promote the new speech by Bob Avakian
This is unacceptable! Protest, Donate and Spread the Word

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We've just learned that cancelled the campaign to raise funds to promote the speech by Bob Avakian, Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution. This will premiere online on October 19 and needs to be seen by many thousands who hate the way people are forced to live under this system. Over $2,300 of the $5,000 goal had been raised which has now all been refunded to the donors.

GoFundMe has yet to give a reason for this, but we are waiting for its response. This is unacceptable! What's at stake here is whether or not people will be able to get a basic understanding of the truth that this system can't be reformed... the need and possibility for a radically different world, and how to fight for that world through an actual revolution... or even be able to debate this!

What you can do:

1. CONTRIBUTE funds to spread the word of the online release of this speech. This is all the more reason you are needed... to get word of this speech everywhere, up from the grassroots. Spread the message that the defenders of the old order don't want you to hear. Spread this trailer and ask others to donate. For now, contribute HERE.

2. Write to GoFundMe in protest. Contact them through their help page here: or on social media. Demand they re-instate the campaign from RCP Publications!

3. Double down! We're now 10 days away from when our promotional campaign was going to start and just 14 days away from the online premiere. We had an initial goal of $5,000... let's double it! This message of real revolution is going up against the whole status quo... all the naysayers who tell you to accept the horrors of this system and confine ourselves to the margins. Say NO to this! Contribute generously, spread this message, organize a fundraiser or bake sale. If you already contributed, and your money was refunded, contribute again HERE and give more than your initial contribution. Don't let this message be suppressed!

Come back to this page, and @tuneintorevcom for updates of the situation. Write to with your ideas and suggestions.


Trailer for Why We Need An Actual Revolution And How We Can Really Make Revolution

A speech by Bob Avakian

Spread this trailer today.  Let people know they have a chance to be among the first to see this speech.  



Then join the movement to put this before all of society, toward the online premiere October 19.


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