"Collectively" Making Banana Pudding (!)

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From someone who is part of the National Revolution Tour

We met a woman who wants to be a part of the revolution. She’s on disability and is going to make banana pudding for the picnic, but does not have the resources or ingredients to make it. So we put the problems to others that we’ve been meeting. We put it to one guy who ran into the grocery store where we were talking to him and brought the aluminum foil. We went to another grocery store and got out the POAs, putting the challenge of the two choices to people. We also brought out a sign with the list of ingredients she needed to make the pudding, and small flyers of the ingredients. We were only out for about an hour, but somebody donated twenty dollars, and another person set down his grocery bags next to us after we talked to him and went back into the store and brought out some sugar and eggs.

There was also a guy next to us who was set up, who worked with a nonprofit for animals. As soon as we came up, he asked what we were about. I showed him the sign of the POAs and told him that were organizing for an actual revolution to put an end to the 5 Stops and that we have two choices, and that we have the leadership and the science, but what’s missing is people like you. When I showed him the Constitution he laughed and said, “Oh my gosh, you guys are for real!” He told us that he was a DACA person from South Korea, and went on talking about the gangs and the oppression of women and how much he admires strong women for what they have to go through. He told us he makes music and poetry so I posed to him, “Do you want to write a poem based on the Points of Attention and come read it at the picnic?” He said, “I knew you were going to ask me that!” And enthusiastically agreed to. After he packed up his stand he came up and stood with us and held the sign of the POAs. He also took part in making a video on suggestions on how to make a pitch to people for donations which we put up on Instagram.


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