What Resonates with You in the Points of Attention for the Revolution?

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The National Revolution Tour and the Revolution Club have been going out broadly, from the neighborhoods to the campuses and elsewhere, getting out the Points of Attention. On this page are videos and written testimonials from different people when asked, “What resonates with you in the Points of Attention for the Revolution?” Those who agree with these points and aspire to live by them should join and build the Revolution Club, now. When people spread the Points of Attention, they are spreading the revolution and being part of helping to build up the revolutionary organization of the people.


"Making a better way..."

I ended up meeting the revolution when I was in LA and they ended up coming up to me, all their members, and they ended up really welcoming. This was at Nipsey Hussle’s funeral.

I joined the revolution because at the end of the day I understand how it feels to be inside an oppressed environment and I understand with the right type of people you can make it out but not everyone is willing to drop their pride to go and talk to other people and try to get out.

I love the revolution because we are all fighting to make a better way for everybody no matter your ethnicity, your sexuality, anything. It’s like we care about everybody and not everybody has that.

For most of the points, they really are all on point. They should be the way people live, but in this society it’s not like that. My favorite one is number 4, because it talks about the people who are oppressed and how we won’t ever forget about the people who are oppressed and, you know, because they need help and at the end of the day that’s what we, the people who have a better mindset on it, that’s why we are here to help. So at the end of the day, I love that I have a different outlook, it took me a lot to learn that, but I’ve learned that. We’re fighting for a world without borders, for all people to be equal.

So I ended up printing out about 20 or 30 of the POAs and got them out at a legal program to help out people like me on probation. And people were really shocked about it because people don’t really see this. Like, they don’t really see that type of stuff. The first time they seen it, some thought at first that I was trying to be better than somebody. But I am just trying to help.







“On POA #5”

From a young man in Crenshaw who took 10 flyers about the picnic to ask people to come:

“What really resonated with me is that we fight for and search for truth no matter how unpopular, even as we listen to the observations & insights from others. People sometimes don’t like to hear the truth and people gang banging don’t like to hear the truth or want to accept it. Because when they are in what they are in, they can’t. But we have to say it. We need the truth for this to stop. I took 10 flyers to get out to some students and the community, to get the word out because I’m fighting for what you guys are fighting for. I want to see a change.”





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