Revolution Weekend
Sunday: Organizing Workshops



If you are fed up with this system and its horrors, and with its phony “solutions” that are no solutions... then we have a message for you:

Revolution is needed. Revolution is possible. And we are organizing to make it real.

This is part of the Revolution Weekend: Enough! Basta Ya! We Need An Actual Revolution. A Better World IS Possible. Find out about and join in on Saturday.

Go to work with the National Tour on how to get organized for revolution... how do we reach and involve the thousands needed to influence millions for revolution over the course of this year.

The schedule for Sunday:

10am: Start and opening remarks

10:15 to 11am: Ice breaker sessions: A better world IS possible. Talking together about the world we want to see.

11:15am - 12:45pm
Workshop Sessions 1
A. What is the new communism, who is Bob Avakian and why this is a game changer for the emancipation of humanity?

B. What is an actual revolution?  And what is the strategy to make one?

1 - 2pm: LUNCH

2pm - 3:30pm
Workshop Sessions 2
A. Revolution Club Organizing 101

B. Spreading the word, changing thinking of millions towards this revolution – a new web presence: the website, social media, and media.

3:30pm: Closing Remarks


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