Flag burner Gregory “Joey” Johnson delivers message to Trump, July 4 "Salute to America":

"I'll be in DC...that rag of empire and oppression is going to burn”

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Gregory “Joey” Johnson available for interviews
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Gregory “Joey” Johnson delivered this message in The Washington Examiner to Donald Trump and his “Salute to America” July 4th Rally:

“I'm going to be there in D.C.,” and “that rag of empire and oppression is going to burn.”

Johnson told The Examiner (“‘Burn that rag!’ Activists to desecrate the flag at Trump July Fourth rally”), “America was never great. America was built on slavery, genocide, and war... it’s the flag of this shameless fascist jackal Trump.”

Johnson called Trump’s July 4 “Salute to America,” “a fascist extravaganza of ‘make America white again,’ xenophobia, jingoism, and American chauvinism. And this is all dangerous to humanity.”

Johnson’s 1989 Supreme Court case (Texas v. Johnson) established the Constitutional right to burn the American flag in protest. Earlier this month, Johnson won a $225,000 legal settlement from the city of Cleveland stemming from his 2016 arrest for burning an American flag (VIDEO) at the Republican Convention as Trump was being nominated. (Cleveland Is Paying $225,000 to a Man Who Burned the American Flag, The New York Times, June 15). Trump has repeatedly called for outlawing flag burning.

5 min VIDEO: Joey Johnson on why he still burns the flag, how selling “Stars and Stripes” newspaper as an “Army brat” youth opened his eyes, and whether he considers himself an American.

Johnson is available for interviews at 202 556 3906 @Joey4Revolution

Joey Johnson is an active member of the Revolution Club and a follower of the revolutionary communist leader Bob Avakian. For more go to revcom.us.


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